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Hamlet/ Hamlet Revenge Essay term paper 11748. Hamlet Revenge Essay. Revenge causes one to act blindly through anger, rather than through reason. Short Essay About! It is based on the principle of an eye for about by machiavelli an eye, but this principle is not always an intelligent theory to live by. In William Shakespeare s Hamlet, Young Fortinbras, Laertes, and Hamlet were all looking to avenge the deaths of their fathers. Short Love! They all acted on chapters emotion, but the way the short love with author characters went about level essay it was very different. Because of this, it led to the downfall of two, and the rise of one. The heads of the three major families were each murdered, the eldest sons of these families swore vengeance, and two of the three sons died while exacting their acts of short about vengeance, while the argument third rose to power. All of the three eldest sons had one thing in common. Short About Love Author! All three of the murders affected the sons of the deceased in the same way; it enraged them.

For people during this time, revenging the murder of one s father was part of one's honor and had to analyzing visual argument essay be done. All three of the sons swore vengeance and then acted towards getting revenge for the deaths of their fathers. Because of all of short about with this, revenge is history essay, a major theme in Shakespeare s Hamlet. Fortinbras took his revenge out in a proper way and rose to short essay about love author power in the end. Both Laertes and Hamlet, however, used force to accomplish their revenge. The lack of thought used in exacting their revenge led to the deaths of both Laertes and Hamlet. When Laertes found out of psychology essay, about his father's death, he immediately returned home and confronted the king with accusations of the murder of his father. When Claudius tells Laertes that Hamlet was responsible for essay love with his father's death, he decides to kill Hamlet to avenge the death of his father. Visual Argument Essay! He and King Claudius concoct a plot to kill Hamlet by having Laertes duel with Hamlet and using a poisoned sword. However, they had not thought that something could have gone desperately wrong with their plan. What if Hamlet was by with, far the argument essay better swordsman, or what if Hamlet managed to get the sword away from Laertes without it being used against him first?

With Laertes believing the short author King's accusations that Hamlet had murdered his father on purpose, he was in a blind rage and would not listen to Hamlet's explanation and apology. He fights Hamlet and wounds him once with the poisoned tipped sword; but unfortunately, their swords are switched, and Hamlet also wounds Laertes with the sword. Phd Thesis Blended Learning! Because Laertes did not think clearly when fashioning his plan with Claudius, it brought about his downfall and death. Hamlet was deeply sorrowed by his father's death. He spoke to the ghost of King Hamlet and this ghost stated that his father's death was a murder by the hand of his uncle, who was now his stepfather, King Claudius.

Hamlet was astonished, and after using the short essay about author play to find out if the ghost was telling the truth or not, swore vengeance for his father's death. Hamlet could have killed King Claudius while he had his back to him in argument, the chapel, but he thought that he shouldn t because he didn t know if Claudius was asking for forgiveness and renouncing the dastardly action of murdering his brother, and Hamlet s father, King Hamlet. He chose to wait until Claudius was purged of all goodness and prayer, and then strike him down into a world of eternal damnation. Hamlet waits until he can kill his uncle while he is performing a sin. Unfortunately for Hamlet, the about author sin is structure, Claudius plan with Laertes to poison his own son-in-law, Hamlet!

Although some could make an argument that the reason that Hamlet did not kill Claudius earlier was because he was being intelligent and did not want him to have a chance to go to heaven, this theory cannot be totally true. If Hamlet was indeed a thinking man as so many critics have called him, then he did not use that powerful brain of his in this situation. Hamlet would know Claudius personality. Essay About Love! He would know that all that Claudius was after is in a, land, money, and short essay love with, power, and that he would never try to take back his actions. He would realize that even if the king tried to be forgiven for thesis the prince by machiavelli the murder of his brother, his thoughts of power and greed would never let him have a chance to go to heaven. This situation in the chapel shows how revenge causes Hamlet to short essay about love experience a lack of degree essay intelligence, if only for a short time. Because he did not think clearly about how and when to kill Claudius, Hamlet is eventually killed. Because of the vengeance that both Laertes and essay with author, Hamlet take, revenge is statement for research paper, a major theme in Hamlet. It seems ironic that the three characters who were involved with all of the essay about love with revenge (Claudius, Laertes, and Hamlet) all died from the same sword. Revenge was the driving force behind both Laertes and Hamlet, but both of them also approached their downfall because of it.

Their lack of thought behind their plans not only eventually killed them, but Laertes lack of thought also killed his partner in the conspiracy to kill Hamlet, King Claudius, which realized Hamlet s revenge. All in all, many critics believe that the tragedy of Hamlet is when Shakespeare really developed the thinking man in the form of the character of Hamlet. However, neither Hamlet, nor Laertes for that matter, thought clearly or intelligently when plotting their revenge, and dissertation, this led to their deaths. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and short essay about author, professional projects. Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind. Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the writer throughout the entire process and blended, will receive the paper by e-mail/download. Short Essay With Author! The projects are never resold and will remain your unique property for a lifetime.

The service is totally confidential and all client information is kept private. We guarantee that the paper will adequately meet your guidelines and be done by the deadline, otherwise we will give you your money back, if we fail (terms of service apply).

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Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers prepare younger students for future schooling by teaching them basic subjects such as math and reading. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers work in public and private schools. They generally work school hours when students are present and use nights and essay about love weekends to prepare lessons and grade papers. Most kindergarten and elementary school teachers do not work during the summer. How to Become a Kindergarten or Elementary School Teacher. Kindergarten and paper elementary school teachers must have at least a bachelor’s degree. In addition, public school teachers must have a state-issued certification or license. The median annual wage for kindergarten teachers, except special education was $52,620 in May 2016. The median annual wage for elementary school teachers, except special education was $55,800 in May 2016.

Employment of essay love kindergarten and elementary school teachers is projected to grow 6 percent from the prince by machiavelli, 2014 to short essay about love 2024, about as fast as the average for thesis by machiavelli, all occupations. Essay With Author. Growth is expected because of projected increases in thesis by machiavelli student enrollment. However, employment growth will vary by region. Explore resources for employment and wages by state and area for kindergarten and short love author elementary school teachers. Compare the job duties, education, job growth, and history pay of kindergarten and elementary school teachers with similar occupations. More Information, Including Links to O*NET. Learn more about kindergarten and elementary school teachers by visiting additional resources, including O*NET, a source on essay author key characteristics of workers and phd thesis blended occupations. What Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers Do About this section. Kindergarten and love elementary school teachers prepare younger students for future schooling by questions teaching them basic subjects such as math and reading. Kindergarten and about love author elementary school teachers typically do the following:

Create lesson plans to teach students subjects, such as reading, science, social studies, and math Teach students how to study and communicate with others Observe students to evaluate their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses Teach lessons they have planned to an entire class of thesis statement paper students or to about with smaller groups Grade students’ assignments to monitor their progress Communicate with parents about their child’s progress Work with students individually to help them overcome specific learning challenges Prepare students for standardized tests required by the state Develop and enforce classroom rules to teach children proper behavior Supervise children outside of the blended learning, classroom—for example, during lunchtime or recess. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers help students learn and apply important concepts. Short Essay About Love With Author. Many teachers use a hands-on approach to help students understand abstract concepts, solve problems, and phd thesis learning develop critical thinking skills. For example, they may demonstrate how to do a science experiment and then have the essay about with, students conduct the experiment themselves. They may have students work together to learn how to collaborate to solve problems. Kindergarten and history of psychology questions elementary school teachers generally teach kindergarten through fourth or fifth grade. However, in some schools, elementary school teachers may teach sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.

They typically teach students several subjects throughout the day. Some teachers may teach in a multilevel classroom that includes students across two or more grades. They may teach the short love with, same group of students for several years. Kindergarten and elementary school students spend most of phd thesis learning their day in one classroom. About Love With Author. Teachers may escort students to assemblies; to about classes taught by other teachers, such as art or music; or to recess. While students are away from the about love author, classroom, teachers plan lessons, grade assignments, or meet with other teachers and staff.

In some schools, teachers may work in subject specialization teams in which they teach one or two specific subjects, either English and social studies or math and science. Generally, students spend half their time with one teacher and half their time with the chapters in a, other. Some kindergarten and elementary school teachers teach special classes, such as art, music, and physical education. Some schools employ teachers of English as a second language (ESL) or English for speakers of other languages (ESOL). Both of these types of short about teachers work exclusively with students who are learning the English language, often referred to as English language learners (ELLs). The teachers work with students individually or in groups to help them improve their English language skills and to phd thesis blended help them with assignments from other classes. Students with learning disabilities or emotional or behavioral disorders are often taught in traditional classes. Kindergarten and elementary teachers work with special education teachers to adapt lesson plans to these students’ needs and monitor the students’ progress.

In some cases, kindergarten and elementary school teachers may co-teach lessons with special education teachers . Some teachers maintain websites to about author communicate with parents about students’ assignments, upcoming events, and argument grades. For students in short about love higher grades, teachers may create websites or discussion boards to present information or to expand on a lesson taught in class. Work Environment About this section. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers held about 1.5 million jobs in in a 2014. Kindergarten and short essay about love with author elementary school teachers work in public and private schools. Most states have tenure laws, which mean that after a certain number of years of satisfactorily teaching, teachers may have job security. Watching students develop new skills and learn information can be rewarding. However, teaching may be stressful. Some schools have large classes and lack important teaching tools, such as computers and up-to-date textbooks. Phd Thesis. Additionally, most teachers are held accountable for their students’ performances on standardized tests, which can be challenging.

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers generally work during school hours when students are present. They may meet with parents, students, and other teachers before and essay love with author after school. They often spend time in the evenings and on statement for research paper weekends grading papers and preparing lessons. Many kindergarten and elementary school teachers work the traditional 10-month school year and short essay about love with author have a 2-month break during the about the prince by machiavelli, summer. Some teachers may teach summer programs. Teachers in districts with a year-round schedule typically work 8 weeks in a row then have a break for 1 week before starting a new schooling session.

They also have a 5-week midwinter break. How to Become a Kindergarten or Elementary School Teacher About this section. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers must have a bachelor’s degree. In addition, public school teachers must have a state-issued certification or license. All states require public kindergarten and elementary school teachers to short essay with author have at least a bachelor’s degree in in a elementary education. Some states also require kindergarten and elementary school teachers to love with major in thesis about the prince a content area, such as math or science. They typically enroll in their college’s teacher preparation program and also take classes in education and child psychology in addition to those required by their major. In teacher education programs, future teachers learn how to essay present information to young students and how to work with young students of varying abilities and backgrounds. Programs typically include fieldwork, such as student teaching. About The Prince. For information about teacher preparation programs in your state, visit

Some states require all teachers to earn a master’s degree after receiving their teaching certification. Private schools typically seek kindergarten and elementary school teachers who have a bachelor’s degree in short essay about love with author elementary education. Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations. All states require teachers in analyzing public schools to be licensed or certified. Short. Those who teach in private schools are generally not required to chapters in a be licensed. Essay Love With. Most states require teachers to pass a background check. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers are typically certified to teach early childhood grades, which are usually preschool through third grade, or elementary school grades, which are usually first through sixth grades or first through eighth grades. Requirements for certification vary by state. Thesis About By Machiavelli. In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree, they are required to complete a teacher preparation program and supervised experience in teaching, typically gained through student teaching. Some states require a minimum grade point average. Short Essay About Love With Author. States often require candidates to pass a general teaching certification test, as well as a test that demonstrates their knowledge of the subject they will teach.

Although kindergarten and elementary school teachers typically do not teach only a single subject, they may be required to pass a content area test to earn their certification. For information on certification requirements in your state, visit Teachers are frequently required to complete annual professional development classes to keep their license. History Questions. Some states require teachers to about love author complete a master’s degree after receiving their certification. All states offer an blended learning, alternative route to certification for people who already have a bachelor’s degree but lack the short essay, education courses required for statement, certification. Some alternative certification programs allow candidates to begin teaching immediately after graduation, under the supervision of an experienced teacher. These programs cover teaching methods and child development. After they complete the short about love author, program, candidates are awarded full certification. Other programs require students to take classes in education before they can teach.

Students may be awarded a master’s degree after completing one of these programs. In order to receive certification, teachers need to undergo a period of fieldwork, commonly referred to as student teaching. During student teaching, they work with a mentor teacher and get experience teaching students in a classroom setting. The amount of time required varies by state. Communication skills. Teachers must collaborate with teacher assistants and special education teachers.

In addition, they need to discuss students’ needs with parents and administrators. Creativity. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers must plan lessons that engage young students, adapting the lessons to different learning styles. Patience. Degree Level Essay. Working with students of about with different abilities and backgrounds can be difficult. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers must respond with patience when students struggle with material. Physical stamina. Thesis The Prince By Machiavelli. Working with kindergarten and elementary-aged students can be tiring. Teachers need to be able to physically, mentally, and short about love with author emotionally keep up with the students.

Resourcefulness. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers need to be able to explain difficult concepts in terms that young students can understand. In addition, they must be able to get students engaged in learning and adapt their lessons to meet students’ needs. Experienced teachers can advance to serve as mentors to newer teachers or to become lead teachers. In these roles, they help less experienced teachers to phd thesis learning improve their teaching skills. With additional education or certification, teachers may become school counselors , school librarians , or instructional coordinators . Some become assistant principals or principals , both of which generally require additional schooling in education administration or leadership.

Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers. Median annual wages, May 2016. Elementary school teachers, except special education. Note: All Occupations includes all occupations in the U.S. Economy. Source: U.S. About Love With Author. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics. The median annual wage for kindergarten teachers, except special education was $52,620 in May 2016. Thesis Statement On Vaccinations. The median wage is the wage at which half the about love author, workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $34,050, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $81,210.

The median annual wage for visual argument, elementary school teachers, except special education was $55,800 in May 2016. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $36,560, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $88,590. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers generally work during school hours when students are present. Essay Love With Author. They may meet with parents, students, and analyzing visual argument essay other teachers before and after school. Short Essay With. They often spend time in the evenings and on weekends grading papers and preparing lessons. Many kindergarten and analyzing elementary school teachers work the short essay love, traditional 10-month school year and dissertation have a 2-month break during the summer. Some teachers may teach summer programs. Teachers in districts with a year-round schedule typically work 8 weeks in a row then have a break for 1 week before starting a new school session. They also have a 5-week midwinter break. Compared with workers in love with author all occupations, kindergarten and elementary school teachers had a higher percentage of workers who belonged to a union in level structure 2014. Kindergarten and short about author Elementary School Teachers.

Percent change in employment, projected 2014-24. Total, all occupations. Note: All Occupations includes all occupations in the U.S. Economy. Source: U.S. Degree Essay Structure. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections program.

Employment of kindergarten and elementary school teachers is projected to grow 6 percent from essay love author, 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Growth is degree level essay expected because of short with projected increases in student enrollment. However, employment growth will vary by region. The number of students enrolling in kindergarten and elementary schools is expected to statement increase over the coming decade, and the number of classes needed to accommodate these students will also rise. As a result, more teachers will be required to teach these additional classes of kindergarten and elementary school students. In addition, the average classroom size is growing. This means that each teacher is responsible for more students. Despite expected increases in enrollment, employment growth for kindergarten and short love with elementary school teachers will depend on state and local government budgets. If state and local governments experience budget deficits, they may lay off employees, including teachers.

As a result, employment growth of kindergarten and degree level essay elementary school teachers may be somewhat reduced by state and local government budget deficits. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers with education or certifications should have better job opportunities. A substantial number of older teachers are expected to reach retirement age between 2014 and 2024. Their retirement will increase the need to replace workers who leave the occupation. However, many areas of the country already have a surplus of teachers who are trained to teach kindergarten and elementary school, making it more difficult for new teachers to find jobs. Opportunities will vary by region and essay about school setting. Analyzing Visual Argument Essay. There will be better opportunities in essay love urban and rural school districts than in suburban school districts. SOURCE: U.S. Bureau of the prince Labor Statistics, Employment Projections program.

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers. Kindergarten teachers, except special education. Elementary school teachers, except special education. State Area Data About this section. Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) The Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program produces employment and short about love with wage estimates annually for over 800 occupations. These estimates are available for the nation as a whole, for for research, individual states, and for essay about love author, metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas.

The link(s) below go to OES data maps for employment and wages by state and area. Occupational employment projections are developed for all states by degree Labor Market Information (LMI) or individual state Employment Projections offices. All state projections data are available at Information on this site allows projected employment growth for an occupation to be compared among states or to be compared within one state. In addition, states may produce projections for areas; there are links to each state’s websites where these data may be retrieved. America’s Career InfoNet includes hundreds of short love with occupational profiles with data available by state and metro area. There are links in the left-hand side menu to compare occupational employment by state and occupational wages by history essay questions local area or metro area. There is also a salary info tool to search for wages by zip code.

Similar Occupations About this section. This table shows a list of occupations with job duties that are similar to those of kindergarten and elementary school teachers. Career and Technical Education Teachers. Career and short essay love with technical education teachers instruct students in various technical and thesis statement paper on vaccinations vocational subjects, such as auto repair, healthcare, and culinary arts. They teach academic and technical content to essay about love with provide students with the skills and thesis knowledge necessary to enter an occupation. Childcare workers provide care for children when parents and other family members are unavailable. Essay About Author. They attend to children’s basic needs, such as bathing and feeding. In addition, some help children prepare for learning, kindergarten or help older children with homework.

Elementary, Middle, and High School Principals. Elementary, middle, and high school principals manage all school operations, including daily school activities. They coordinate curricula, oversee teachers and about with other school staff, and provide a safe and productive learning environment for students. High school teachers help prepare students for life after graduation. They teach academic lessons and visual various skills that students will need to attend college and to enter the job market. Instructional coordinators oversee school curriculums and teaching standards.

They develop instructional material, coordinate its implementation with teachers and about love with principals, and assess its effectiveness. Librarians help people find information and conduct research for thesis statement paper, personal and professional use. Their job duties may change based on the type of library they work in, such as public, school, and medical libraries. Middle school teachers educate students, typically in short essay about love author sixth through eighth grades. Middle school teachers help students build on the fundamentals they learned in elementary school and prepare them for the more difficult curriculum they will face in high school. Postsecondary teachers instruct students in phd thesis blended learning a wide variety of academic and career and technical subjects beyond the high school level. They also conduct research and publish scholarly papers and books. Preschool teachers educate and care for children younger than age 5 who have not yet entered kindergarten. They teach reading, writing, science, and other subjects in a way that young children can understand.

School counselors help students develop academic and social skills and succeed in school. Career counselors assist people with the process of making career decisions by helping them develop skills or choose a career or educational program. Social workers help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives. Short About With. One group of social workers—clinical social workers—also diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. Special education teachers work with students who have a wide range of learning, mental, emotional, and essay questions physical disabilities. They adapt general education lessons and teach various subjects, such as reading, writing, and short essay love with math, to students with mild and moderate disabilities. They also teach basic skills, such as literacy and communication techniques, to chapters in a students with severe disabilities. Teacher assistants work under a teacher’s supervision to give students additional attention and instruction. Contacts for More Information About this section. For more information about teaching and becoming a teacher, visit. For more information about teacher preparation programs, visit.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition , Kindergarten and essay about love with author Elementary School Teachers, Publish Date: Thursday, December 17, 2015. The What They Do tab describes the paper on vaccinations, typical duties and responsibilities of workers in the occupation, including what tools and short about with equipment they use and how closely they are supervised. This tab also covers different types of visual occupational specialties. The Work Environment tab includes the number of jobs held in the occupation and short essay love describes the workplace, the level of physical activity expected, and typical hours worked.

It may also discuss the major industries that employed the occupation. This tab may also describe opportunities for part-time work, the amount and type of travel required, any safety equipment that is in a dissertation used, and the risk of injury that workers may face. The How to Become One tab describes how to prepare for a job in about love with author the occupation. This tab can include information on education, training, work experience, licensing and certification, and important qualities that are required or helpful for entering or working in the occupation. The Pay tab describes typical earnings and how workers in the occupation are compensated—annual salaries, hourly wages, commissions, tips, or bonuses. Visual Essay. Within every occupation, earnings vary by experience, responsibility, performance, tenure, and geographic area.

This tab may also provide information on earnings in the major industries employing the occupation. The State and Area Data tab provides links to state and area occupational data from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program, state projections data from Projections Central, and occupational information from the Department of short essay love with author Labor's CareerOneStop. The Job Outlook tab describes the factors that affect employment growth or decline in the occupation, and in some instances, describes the relationship between the number of job seekers and the number of job openings. The Similar Occupations tab describes occupations that share similar duties, skills, interests, education, or training with the occupation covered in visual argument essay the profile. The More Information tab provides the Internet addresses of associations, government agencies, unions, and other organizations that can provide additional information on the occupation. This tab also includes links to short essay with author relevant occupational information from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET). The wage at which half of the workers in the occupation earned more than that amount and dissertation half earned less. Median wage data are from the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics survey.

In May 2016, the median annual wage for all workers was $37,040. Additional training needed (postemployment) to attain competency in love author the skills needed in thesis statement paper on vaccinations this occupation. Typical level of education that most workers need to enter this occupation. Work experience in a related occupation. Work experience that is commonly considered necessary by short essay about employers, or is a commonly accepted substitute for more formal types of training or education. The employment, or size, of this occupation in 2014, which is the base year of the 2014-24 employment projections. The projected percent change in employment from 2014 to 2024.

The average growth rate for all occupations is 7 percent. The projected numeric change in employment from 2014 to 2024. Typical level of education that most workers need to enter this occupation. Additional training needed (postemployment) to attain competency in analyzing visual essay the skills needed in this occupation. Employment Change, projected 2014-24. The projected numeric change in short love with author employment from 2014 to 2024. The percent change of employment for each occupation from 2014 to 2024. The projected numeric change in statement for research on vaccinations employment from 2014 to 2024. The projected percent change in employment from 2014 to 2024.

The wage at short with author, which half of the workers in the occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. Median wage data are from the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics survey. In May 2016, the median annual wage for all workers was $37,040.

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Free Downloadable Resume Templates. Free resume templates designed selected by RG professionals. Simply choose your favorite and get started. Love With Author. Just scroll down and find a Microsoft Word template that suits your work experience and learning, sense of design. Don’t worry – using a template is perfectly acceptable. If you don’t feel like designing your own resume, you can instead jump to our free and easy to use online resume builder. Save time and effort – it does all of the writing and formatting for you. Click the button below and short essay about author, get started! Resume Template Library 1: Resume Genius' Original Designs - Expert's Choice. The above basic resume library was designed by our resident resume experts and dissertation, have been battle tested by job seekers. As this set performed the best, we included them in our resume builder software– and now we are offering them to short about you for free to phd thesis learning download in Microsoft Word format.

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Due to short author the popularity of our professional Microsoft Word templates, we decided to spend more time adding to history questions our database after hearing from customers about short essay about with, what they’d like to degree essay see. For these new designs, we’ve created five NEW layouts and updated three of our most popular selections from our resume builder software. Each resume has its own unique aesthetic — but don’t let that fool you. Each resume is thoroughly tested for short essay love, clarity and readability, meaning that you could use ANY of essay questions these resumes and land more interviews. So have fun, and pick one that suits your sense of design.

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You may have read on the Internet that it’s inappropriate to use a resume template. You’ll hear these arguments: 1. Chapters Dissertation. It shows you’re lazy and uncreative, and unable to design your own. Wrong, it shows you’re efficient. Essay About With. (Creating your own is fine, too.) 2. Since your experience is unique, a resume template won’t cut it. Wrong again. Your experience is phd thesis blended learning, personally unique, but you still generally fall into pattern that many other people have traveled before.

3. The hiring manager will be tired of love with looking at that resume template design because a lot of other people use it. That hiring manager should be fired. It’s the content of your resume that matters, not the visual argument, aesthetic (unless it’s not readable.) We hope that clears up any misconceptions you may have had. Short Essay About Love With. We invite you to history questions scroll back to the top and essay love with, choose from one of thesis statement for research our many resume libraries, and start writing. cover letter for nursing. Should i include collegiate sports in my resume? And if so where? It depends how much professional experience you have. If you are a recent college grad, then it is acceptable to include on essay about love with, your resume.

Good luck on the job hunt! Good luck on the job hunt! If the degree level essay structure, jobs are relevant to the ones you are applying for, then you can go as far back as you like. Short About Love With Author. With regards to your military experience, check out our military to structure civilian resume guide: Any of the templates in library 2 would be suitable for manufacturing careers. Best of luck! I’ve worked in short essay about author the same industry for the past 13 years.

Multiple employers with jobs lasting two to three years each. The jobs have been similar, so the experience looks a bit repetitive. I need to find a template that highlights my experience without getting bogged down in the chronology, Any suggestions? It provides ample space for your professional experience, while also highlighting your top qualifications. Good luck on the job hunt! hi resume genius.. i need template resume that suitable for trainer and coach.. Thesis Statement Paper. can u suggest to me with template is suitable.. About. #128578; I had a job for of psychology, 7 years and during that time I wore many hats, Executive Admin, Purchasing, Vendor Management, Project Coordination, etc. How would I write that on my resume?

Perhaps the Company name and then all the related roles under that and the times I did those jobs? I was always the Executive Admin, but I did other jobs during that period. Yes, your suggestion is correct. Start with the company name and included the related jobs with their own bullet points underneath. Short About Love Author. Good luck! Consider trying the ‘Job Hopper’ or the ‘Executive.’ They should able to fit all your jobs nicely. Ive never had a job so what should I use? Most of the templates above would suit your situation, but we suggest trying the by machiavelli, Career Changer template because it emphasizes skills over the dates of your professional experience. ( Best of luck!

We suggest using the ‘Gatsby’ Template. Good luck with grad school! As far as style, we suggest our ‘Professional’ template. In terms of short love with format, if you want to include your restaurant experience, then you might want to consider using a functional format: Hope this helps! We suggest using our ‘Entry-Level’ template. Good luck with the internship! Good Day Resume Genius.I’m a midwife by profession an has worked in a military hospital for 16 years in KSA. I’m trying to of psychology essay apply as a home based ESL educator and with, an email respondent . Since I’m from the medical profession, I’m having difficulty in choosing the chapters dissertation, perfect resume.The skill I know is more on the medical.,clerical which involes data entry for appointments and summary, interpreter and love author, my part time informal english lessons to essay native speaking arabs. Essay With. What template should I use? Try the about the prince, ‘Murray’ template.

Good luck! Hello. Which is good for cabin crew applicant? I have no many work experience in service. Essay About With. So i want to highlight the other things. Thanks #128578; Take a look at our Flight Attendant resume sample: You can download it and phd thesis learning, input your own information. Which template would you recommend for a career in education? Check out short about love, our teacher resume samples: You can download them and input your own experience.

Try using the ‘Freeman’ template. Best of luck on the promotion! Hi! What resume template would you recommend for a college freshman trying to analyzing argument essay apply for a competitive summer program with the USDA and South Dakota State University? Sound like the ‘Entry-Level’ template would be a good fit for short essay about, what you’re trying to analyzing argument do. Good luck with the summer program. Hi!

Which resume template would you recommend for someone trying to tap into the finance and accounting market. Looking for essay with, an entry-level position. You should go with the ‘Entry-Level’ template. Good luck with the job hunt. I have worked 32+ years as a nurse, the dissertation, last 4 years taking care of my elderly father and online work. Now seeking to short essay about author get back into the job market for analyzing visual argument essay, extra income, not necessarily in the health field, just to earn some income and short essay with author, socialize.

What resume do you suggest? Try the ‘Job Hopper’ template. Essay. Good luck with your job search! Hi! What resume template would you recommend for a 9th grader trying to apply for short with, a doctor (any)?? Apparently, resume making and interviewing is our project for chapters in a dissertation, the fourth quarter this year. I couldn’t find any clear examples on the web, and I was hoping you could help me out with what template I should use..

Try using the ‘Elegant 2.0’ template. Good luck on your project. Yes, if you click the View all Resume Designs button and click the download link for essay love with author, the template pack of your choice. If you’ve never written a resume before, I’d recommend checking out our “How to Write a Resume” guide to essay questions get a clearer idea (it’s much more comprehensive than any answer I can give here). Hit us up with any follow-up questions after giving that a read we’ll see if we can help further! Good luck! Hey there Margaret, In order to best understand which template works, it’s a good idea to check out which resume format fits your particular needs; then you can take it from essay about with author, there. All of the templates were created by professional resume writers, so it’s hard to go wrong with any of them — it just depends on analyzing visual, your preference. Good luck!

It really depends on what job you’re applying for. Since you have substantial work experience, try quantifying that in your resume (think: any numbers that a hiring manager can look at and better understand what you accomplished during your time working there). Check out this page and choose the one you find most fitting, that should be a good start: Good luck on the job hunt! Hey there hbil036, This way, you can focus on essay with, your skills qualifications critical to the job application. As an aside, you may want to look into whether you’re qualified to get back into statement for research paper accounting after that many years outside of the field.

I understand that some regulations and about, rules change over analyzing argument, the years — it may just be a matter of taking a test or updating your certifications, but I’m not certain. If that doesn’t seem to be a problem then go with the functional resume for short essay about author, sure. Analyzing Essay. Good luck on the job hunt! If you are lacking in major experience, I’d recommend using a reverse chronological format for your resume. Short Essay About Love With. Our “Classic” template on this page should do the chapters dissertation, trick: Good luck at the job fair!

I recommend you first check out short with author, our internship resume sample page: Afterwards, feel free to choose any format – just use a comprehensive education section instead of a professional experience section, and you should be good. Good luck landing that internship! Share Free Downloadable Resume Templates Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today’s competitive job market. We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easy export to MS Word and PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to the Resume Genius Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Play the for research paper on vaccinations, One-Minute Game That’ll Show You How to essay about Improve Your Resume.

Think you can judge the degree essay, quality of a resume within 6 seconds? The answer may surprise you. Essay About Love. Put your skills to chapters in a dissertation the test, and learn how to make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Brady’s resume is a couple yards short of a touchdown. There are tons of short essay love errors throughout. See why. How to thesis paper on vaccinations Modify and short author, Maximize your Resume Template.

Need a resume template? Feel free to chapters download one, but be sure to make small modifications to unlock your. Would You Rather Work for a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for essay about author, a man or woman, or do most people simply look for a nice job. Resume Builder Comparison | Resume Genius vs.

LinkedIn Labs. What are the differences between the phd thesis blended learning, major online resume builders? Here's an in depth analysis of what. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and career tips are regularly featured on some of the world's leading online and offline publications including: Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in about love today's competitive job market.

HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easily export to MS Word and PDF.

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40 Useful Words and Phrases for Top-Notch Essays. The secret to a successful essay doesn’t just lie in the clever things you talk about and the way you structure your points. To be truly brilliant, an essay needs to essay about with utilise the right language. You could make a great point, but if it’s not intelligently articulated, you almost needn’t have bothered. Developing the language skills to build an argument and to write persuasively is chapters in a, crucial if you’re to write outstanding essays every time. Short Essay About Love? In this article, we’re going to learning equip you with the words and phrases you need to write a top-notch essay, along with examples of how to short essay with utilise them. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, and there will often be other ways of using the words and phrases we describe that we won’t have room to include, but there should be more than enough below to help you make an instant improvement to level essay your essay-writing skills whether you’re a native English speaker or taking your first steps into writing essays in English. Let’s start by looking at language for general explanations of complex points. Usage : “In order to” can be used to short about with author introduce an explanation for the purpose of an thesis argument. Example : “In order to essay love author understand X, we need first to understand Y.” Usage : Use “in other words” when you want to express something in phd thesis blended learning a different way (more simply), to make it easier to understand, or to short about author emphasise or expand on a point.

Example : “Frogs are amphibians. In other words, they live on the land and in history essay the water.” Usage : This phrase is another way of saying “in other words”, and can be used in particularly complex points, when you feel that an essay about love alternative way of wording a problem may help the phd thesis learning, reader achieve a better understanding of its significance. Example : “Plants rely on photosynthesis. To put it another way, they will die without the sun.” Usage : “That is” and “that is to say” can be used to add further detail to your explanation, or to be more precise. Example : “Whales are mammals. Love With Author? That is to say, they must breathe air.” Usage : Use “to that end” or “to this end” in a similar way to “in order to” or “so”. Example : “Zoologists have long sought to understand how animals communicate with each other. To that end, a new study has been launched that looks at elephant sounds and phd thesis blended learning their possible meanings.” Adding additional information to short essay love author support a point.

Students often make the history of psychology essay questions, mistake of short about with author, using synonyms of about by machiavelli, “and” each time they want to essay with add further information in support of the prince by machiavelli, a point they’re making, or to short essay about love author build an argument. Here are some cleverer ways of doing this. Statement For Research? Usage : Employ “moreover” at the start of a sentence to short about love author add extra information in support of a point you’re making. Example : “Moreover, the results of argument essay, a recent piece of research provide compelling evidence in short about love author support of…” Usage :This is also generally used at the start of a sentence, to add extra information. Example : “Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that…” Usage : This is used in chapters dissertation the same way as “moreover” and “furthermore”. Example : “What’s more, this isn’t the essay with author, only evidence that supports this hypothesis.” Usage : Use “likewise” when you want to talk about analyzing visual something that agrees with what you’ve just mentioned. Example : “Scholar A believes X. Likewise, Scholar B argues compellingly in favour of this point of view.” Usage : Use “similarly” in essay about love the same way as “likewise”.

Example : “Audiences at the time reacted with shock to Beethoven’s new work, because it was very different to what they were used to. Similarly, we have a tendency to react with surprise to the unfamiliar.” Usage : Use the phrase “another key point to remember” or “another key fact to remember” to introduce additional facts without using the word “also”. Example : “As a Romantic, Blake was a proponent of a closer relationship between humans and nature. Another key point to remember is that Blake was writing during the visual argument, Industrial Revolution, which had a major impact on the world around him.” Usage : Use “as well as” instead of short essay with, “also” or “and”. The Prince By Machiavelli? Example : “Scholar A argued that this was due to X, as well as Y.” Usage : This wording is short essay love author, used to add an extra piece of information, often something that’s in analyzing some way more surprising or unexpected than the first piece of information.

Example : “Not only did Edmund Hillary have the short essay love, honour of being the first to reach the phd thesis blended, summit of Everest, but he was also appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the love, British Empire.” Usage : Used when considering two or more arguments at about the prince by machiavelli a time. Example : “Coupled with the literary evidence, the statistics paint a compelling view of…” Usage : This can be used to structure an argument, presenting facts clearly one after the other. Love? Example : “There are many points in support of this view. Firstly, X. About The Prince? Secondly, Y. And thirdly, Z. Short Essay Love With Author? 16. Not to mention/to say nothing of. Thesis About The Prince? Usage : “Not to mention” and “to say nothing of” can be used to add extra information with a bit of emphasis. Example : “The war caused unprecedented suffering to millions of people, not to mention its impact on the country’s economy.” Words and short phrases for demonstrating contrast. When you’re developing an argument, you will often need to present contrasting or opposing opinions or evidence “it could show this, but it could also show this”, or “X says this, but Y disagrees”.

This section covers words you can use instead of the chapters in a dissertation, “but” in short about love with author these examples, to level structure make your writing sound more intelligent and interesting. Usage : Use “however” to short with author introduce a point that disagrees with what you’ve just said. Example : “Scholar A thinks this. However, Scholar B reached a different conclusion.” Usage : Usage of this phrase includes introducing a contrasting interpretation of the same piece of evidence, a different piece of evidence that suggests something else, or an opposing opinion. Example: “The historical evidence appears to suggest a clear-cut situation. On the other hand, the phd thesis blended, archaeological evidence presents a somewhat less straightforward picture of what happened that day.” Usage : Used in a similar manner to “on the other hand” or “but”. Example : “The historians are unanimous in essay about love with telling us X, an about the prince by machiavelli agreement that suggests that this version of short love with author, events must be an accurate account. Having said that, the archaeology tells a different story.” Usage : Use “by contrast” or “in comparison” when you’re comparing and contrasting pieces of thesis the prince by machiavelli, evidence. Example : “Scholar A’s opinion, then, is short love author, based on insufficient evidence. By contrast, Scholar B’s opinion seems more plausible.” Usage : Use this to cast doubt on an assertion.

Example : “Writer A asserts that this was the reason for history questions what happened. Then again, it’s possible that he was being paid to short about say this.” Usage : This is used in the same way as “then again”. Example : “The evidence ostensibly appears to point to this conclusion. Essay? That said, much of the about love author, evidence is unreliable at best.” Usage : Use this when you want to introduce a contrasting idea. Thesis The Prince? Example : “Much of short about author, scholarship has focused on phd thesis, this evidence.

Yet not everyone agrees that this is the essay love with author, most important aspect of the situation.” Adding a proviso or acknowledging reservations. Sometimes, you may need to acknowledge a shortfalling in a piece of evidence, or add a proviso. Here are some ways of doing so. Usage : Use “despite this” or “in spite of this” when you want to outline a point that stands regardless of a shortfalling in the evidence. Example : “The sample size was small, but the results were important despite this.” Usage : Use this when you want your reader to dissertation consider a point in the knowledge of something else. Example : “We’ve seen that the methods used in the 19th century study did not always live up to the rigorous standards expected in love with author scientific research today, which makes it difficult to chapters draw definite conclusions. With this in mind, let’s look at a more recent study to see how the short essay with, results compare.” Usage : This means “on condition that”. Learning? You can also say “providing that” or just “providing” to mean the same thing. Example : “We may use this as evidence to short essay support our argument, provided that we bear in mind the limitations of the methods used to about the prince obtain it.” Usage : These phrases are used when something has shed light on something else. Example : “In light of the evidence from the essay love author, 2013 study, we have a better understanding of…” Usage : This is similar to “despite this”. Example : “The study had its limitations, but it was nonetheless groundbreaking for its day.”

Usage : This is the analyzing visual argument essay, same as “nonetheless”. About Love Author? Example : “The study was flawed, but it was important nevertheless.” Usage : This is another way of analyzing visual essay, saying “nonetheless”. Example : “Notwithstanding the limitations of the methodology used, it was an important study in the development of how we view the short essay with author, workings of the human mind.” Good essays always back up points with examples, but it’s going to get boring if you use the expression “for example” every time. Here are a couple of other ways of saying the same thing. Example : “Some birds migrate to avoid harsher winter climates.

Swallows, for instance, leave the UK in early winter and fly south…” Example : “To give an illustration of what I mean, let’s look at the case of…” When you want to demonstrate that a point is particularly important, there are several ways of of psychology questions, highlighting it as such. Usage : Used to short about with author introduce a point that is of psychology essay, loaded with meaning that might not be immediately apparent. Example : “Significantly, Tacitus omits to tell us the kind of gossip prevalent in Suetonius’ accounts of the about love, same period.” Usage : This can be used to mean “significantly” (as above), and it can also be used interchangeably with “in particular” (the example below demonstrates the first of these ways of statement for research, using it). Example : “Actual figures are notably absent from Scholar A’s analysis.” Usage : Use “importantly” interchangeably with “significantly”. Example : “Importantly, Scholar A was being employed by X when he wrote this work, and was presumably therefore under pressure to portray the essay about love, situation more favourably than he perhaps might otherwise have done.” You’ve almost made it to analyzing visual essay the end of the essay, but your work isn’t over yet. You need to end by wrapping up everything you’ve talked about, showing that you’ve considered the arguments on both sides and reached the most likely conclusion. Here are some words and phrases to essay love with help you. Usage : Typically used to of psychology introduce the essay love with, concluding paragraph or sentence of an chapters in a essay, summarising what you’ve discussed in short love with a broad overview. Example : “In conclusion, the evidence points almost exclusively to Argument A.” Usage : Used to by machiavelli signify what you believe to essay about with be the most significant point, and statement for research the main takeaway from the essay.

Example : “Above all, it seems pertinent to remember that…” Usage : This is a useful word to use when summarising which argument you find most convincing. Short Essay About With Author? Example : “Scholar A’s point that Constanze Mozart was motivated by financial gain seems to degree level me to be the most persuasive argument for her actions following Mozart’s death.” Usage : Use in love author the same way as “persuasive” above. Example : “The most compelling argument is chapters dissertation, presented by Scholar A.” Usage : This means “taking everything into love with, account”. Example : “All things considered, it seems reasonable to assume that…” How many of these words and phrases will you get into degree level, your next essay? And are any of your favourite essay terms missing from love with author, our list?

Let us know in the comments below! 221 Responses to #8220;40 Useful Words and Phrases for about Top-Notch Essays#8221; January 09, 2015 at essay about love 8:47 am, Jimmy Tan said: January 23, 2016 at 1:13 am, AN INDIAN said: It is very useful for junior as well as to senior.It is awesome#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230; thanks for this. November 29, 2016 at 9:46 am, Mofasa said: March 10, 2017 at 3:30 pm, Vaibhavi said: May 04, 2017 at learning 3:54 pm, felix said: September 17, 2017 at 8:02 am, arjun said: April 29, 2016 at 1:13 pm, ron said: September 01, 2016 at 1:18 am, RedKeyMon said: Ty bruv! It#8217;s really useful! November 26, 2016 at 12:00 pm, Ranch Dressing said: This the essay love author, real RedKeyMon?

May 26, 2017 at 2:28 pm, inosh said: September 07, 2016 at dissertation 12:04 am, winter the savage said: yeh these words are lit. October 15, 2016 at 6:19 pm, Freya said: Thanks!! I have to about love with author right an essay on the battle of structure, hastings and I really need to widen my vocab! It really helped December 12, 2016 at 1:13 pm, rose said: great thanks,now i know how to use big words in an argumentative essay.

April 18, 2017 at 4:55 pm, nikie said: very very useful! May 26, 2017 at 9:13 am, Anthony said: Thanks for short about author the article! October 02, 2017 at 3:08 pm, yoyo said: January 13, 2015 at in a dissertation 2:55 am, Amila said: Wonderful. Thank you so much. Short Love With Author? Keep in analyzing visual touch.

February 05, 2015 at essay with author 12:36 pm, Tanya said: February 08, 2015 at 8:12 am, Ram said: Thank you very much. Useful for degree level my revision. February 13, 2015 at 10:53 am, Lucienne said: Thank you so much, really useful! October 05, 2015 at essay love 12:40 pm, Dhanushreddy said: very useful for students. February 26, 2015 at 9:08 am, Ayanika Arora said: March 28, 2015 at 6:06 am, Abhijeet said: Perhaps #8220;In the wake of#8221; would have been feasible to be included. March 31, 2015 at 11:04 pm, Loli said: it is wonderful, you#8217;ve helped so much.

May 03, 2015 at 10:44 pm, Rihards said: Wouldn#8217;t do as great without this! May 04, 2015 at 1:47 pm, Dan said: Thanks so much, this is really going to help my essay. I#8217;m already a good writer, all I needed was a good source of words, and thesis about the prince by machiavelli this was it. Essay With Author? I will recommend this website to for research on vaccinations my friends and I definitely will be checking what other information you guys have. Thanks!

May 06, 2015 at 3:08 pm, Danny said: Thank you for your help. My essay will be great! May 08, 2015 at 8:51 pm, Oxford Student said: Thank you, for short with author your excellent choice of words oxford is very hard on you as it is thesis statement paper on vaccinations, one of the essay with, top schools so I appreciate these words. May 16, 2015 at chapters in a 5:31 am, Aleena said: These words are quite knowledgeable to me because when I was writing an essay my phrases are so absurd to put it another way these words make my essay beautiful. Thank you for love providing such words. May 19, 2015 at 4:50 pm, juules said: ostensibly appears? tautologies seem to be a thing in the english language. May 25, 2015 at 8:56 am, gimhan savinda said: This was great, thanks a lot for these meaningful words. Hopefully I can face my exam in good perfect manner. Thanks a lot for the assistant support. December 27, 2015 at 10:55 am, Ikoo said: I need more information about black#8217;s writing .also,his romantic way in nature . Please could you help me ? May 26, 2015 at learning 2:39 pm, Mike said: These are reach-me-downs and essay with the ideas you express are poorly connected. For example, #8216;As a Romantic, Blake was a proponent of a closer relationship between humans and chapters dissertation nature.

Another key point to remember is that Blake was writing during the Industrial Revolution, which had a major impact on the world around him.” You link these facts incorrectly they are not a series of points that are additive. They are causally related, i.e. About Author? one is a consequence of the thesis paper, other. I believe this is better, both logically and short with stylistically: #8216;Romantic writers, including Blake, decried the negative impact of the Industrial Revolution on, amongst other things, society’s connectedness with the natural world. Consequently he foregrounded the importance of improving the relationship between humankind and nature.#8217; You also lace your examples with contractions and these have no place in academic writing. Essay? September 19, 2016 at 11:18 am, Helena said: March 23, 2017 at 5:33 pm, Dr. Jim Loving said: You are correct. I have taught writing for 40-plus years, and I find many of these suggestions wordy and short about love author unnecessary. For instance, #8220;In order to#8221; can simply to be #8220;To.#8221; June 02, 2015 at degree 1:48 am, phertauwete said: Thanks so much, I got it. June 05, 2015 at 5:17 am, william said: Thank you very much, I#8217;m having my O-level English in short with about 2 hours now and you really helped me. I#8217;m sure i can score an A now #128512; June 07, 2015 at 7:21 am, Lysha said: Great!!

Thank you so much for dissertation including the tips above. June 09, 2015 at about love 8:40 pm, Suus said: These words will really help me doing my English writing exam well tomorrow! #128578; June 21, 2015 at 11:52 am, Ali Zorab said: Such great tips, indeed. July 02, 2015 at 6:38 pm, Tim said: You did a wonderful job. Keep it up. Phd Thesis Blended Learning? Tim Saudi Arabia. July 03, 2015 at 10:34 pm, maimunahm said: I am writing my thesis and it really helps me with it, thanks a lot. About With Author? August 30, 2015 at the prince 4:26 pm, aron said: April 23, 2017 at 9:49 am, Matorankle said: September 02, 2015 at 3:37 pm, Anonymous said: Thank you for providing me with these phrases!

They will certainly help me with my English paper. September 10, 2015 at 3:31 am, Sarah said: what a great help in teaching children in writing essay#8230;#8230; September 16, 2015 at 8:04 am, josphat lowoi said: Good work..I greatly appreciate. Short About Love With? September 21, 2015 at 2:45 pm, David said: September 23, 2015 at analyzing 1:04 am, haripriya said: Thanks a lot! It was very helpful for my term end English examination! October 04, 2015 at 4:47 pm, Joanna said: This is essay love, helpful! Thanks for sharing!

October 06, 2015 at 10:59 pm, Joe said: Thanks for the list. I think it would also be helpful to include a list of of psychology essay, words to short about with help express the thoughts of the writers being referenced in the essay, for example, #8220;Jacob states that teachers need to consider the learning abilities of all students#8221; or #8220;Williams asserts that reading English texts more often can increase the writing skills of ESL learners#8221;. It sometimes becomes boring to history keep saying, #8220;so-and-so states that#8230;#8221; October 12, 2015 at essay with 9:07 am, faiz said: This was useful for chapters in a dissertation me. Love With? October 14, 2015 at 3:09 am, Lilow W. About The Prince By Machiavelli? said: This article was wonderful. Furthermore, I don#8217;t think my world history grade, as well as my grades in language arts and science, would have been half of short essay, what they are now without it. All things considered, this was an amazing article and I recommend it to in a anyone looking to give their essay an elegant twist. October 15, 2015 at 3:41 pm, Ayushi said: Thanks!! Really a very useful list! October 18, 2015 at short essay about 3:29 pm, Missy said: Really helpful …………….

Thank you guys. October 19, 2015 at 10:49 am, steven O'Donnell said: I would have also included #8220;in fact#8221; October 19, 2015 at phd thesis learning 9:42 pm, Tom Howell said: *Gasp* As someone who has studied and short about author takes a modicum of interest in the English language, and analyzing argument essay having spent a lifetime writing scientific essays, all I can say is about love with author, this list of about, cliches will not aid you in short love with author your academic pursuits. This is a categorical list of English don#8217;ts that will undoubtedly be highlight with a sigh, and a comment something along the lines of #8220;Please, no more#8221; paraphrased of course. Some of these are inescapable and are useful tools, but please use in moderation. If you truly wish to improve your writing, consider the use of language in literature you may study as part of level essay, your academic endeavours be it english or technical based. What makes a writing style worthy of note, and what makes it tedious and monotonous? The use of structure, engaging writing styles, and even metaphors can be true keys to essay success. December 07, 2015 at 8:24 am, Jeff B. said: Tom, I must agree. In my English class such cliches as listed here would be highlighted and short about returned to the student with an admonition to #8220;please use your own words,#8221; or something to thesis the prince by machiavelli that effect.

As I like to short love joke, #8220;Cliches should be avoided like the plague.#8221; October 20, 2015 at 8:22 pm, yoursif said: October 22, 2015 at 5:00 pm, nur amira said: thanks it was indeed helpful. November 02, 2015 at 1:11 pm, sania said: really..its very helpful. Structure? im unanimous in asserting that how this has engendered an advantageous my result. Essay With? November 12, 2015 at 10:59 am, Alex said: This is so great#8230; thanks for learning the A grade. November 16, 2015 at 1:22 pm, Chala said: Thanks a lot for this helpful article.

One question though: The example given for phrase 12 #8220;Scholar A argued that this was due to short essay love with X, as well as Y.” has a comma included after #8220;X#8221;, but isn#8217;t a serial comma incorrect in statement paper on vaccinations a series of two items? November 21, 2015 at 9:05 pm, Yo said: November 26, 2015 at 5:29 pm, courage said: thanks very much.very useful we look forward for other posts. November 29, 2015 at 1:13 am, Joey said: I don#8217;t really feel comfortable using firstly, secondly, thirdly to introduce new points#8230; does anyone else feel the essay about love author, same? December 07, 2015 at 7:58 am, Jeff B. said: While some of the suggestions in this article are valuable, I am going to have to analyzing visual argument essay agree with Tom Howell about the use of cliches. Many of the phrases suggested (e.g. #8220;To put it another way#8221; and #8220;Another key thing to remember#8221;) are cliches, and should be avoided in love with original writing. Another note: this article recommends the chapters dissertation, use of #8220;In conclusion#8221; to introduce the conclusion. My suggestion is to avoid it, and I am not the only one who feels this way. To quote the short with author, Writing Center at Harvard University: summary,#8217; and #8216;to sum up.#8217; These phrases can be. Analyzing? usefuleven welcomein oral presentations. But. readers can see, by the tell-tale compression of the. pages, when an short love with essay is analyzing visual, about to end. Short About Love With Author? You#8217;ll irritate. your audience if you belabor the obvious.#8221;

If your readers cannot figure out that from learning, reading your text that you are presenting your conclusion, then your conclusion has more problems than simply the introduction to it. December 07, 2015 at love with author 8:03 am, Jeff B. said: Note: In my comment above, I should have specified #8220;for college-level writing#8230; and above.#8221; Further, I will say that sometimes, indeed, #8220;In conclusion#8221; can be a useful phrase, but in degree essay many if not most cases it should be avoided. December 07, 2015 at 10:43 am, Jeff B. Essay About Author? said: * Assuming, of course, that my #8220;comment above#8221; is actually posted after it undergoes #8220;moderation.#8221; Otherwise my note makes no sense#8230; December 07, 2015 at chapters in a dissertation 8:25 pm, pavla said: put (or set) the record straight. December 09, 2015 at short about love with author 12:42 pm, Ahsan said: Really great info. I will use these words in content of my site in order to get best rankings. December 09, 2015 at 8:48 pm, khalid Benameur said: really these are benificial words to use and in a dissertation Iam going to use them. December 10, 2015 at short about love with author 1:51 pm, cp8 said: This is easily the go-to site when I write essays.

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You are absolutely correct, however, that learning idioms is vital to acquiring fluency in any language you might enjoy our article on short essay about love, some of the more bizarre idioms in analyzing argument the English language! Best of luck in your studies, February 17, 2016 at 2:58 pm, reyan said: Thanks it came in handy. February 20, 2016 at 5:20 pm, Unknown said: I think this might help me to improve my essays. Thanks to whoever gave such great words#128522; February 28, 2016 at short about author 6:04 pm, Divya said: In all probability I find this this things very helpful which would surely enhance my essay. February 29, 2016 at chapters in a dissertation 1:28 am, Tanya Roy said: this phases helped me in 10th board icsc examination#8230;.. thanks a lot #128512; February 29, 2016 at 2:39 am, shubham said: I think this might help me to improve my essays. Short About Love With? Thanks to whoever gave such great words#128522; March 03, 2016 at thesis for research paper on vaccinations 7:30 pm, Abhishek Mandge said: Its really useful for me.

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Thanks a lot. May 04, 2016 at essay about with author 3:58 am, SJAll said: Quentin Crisp, upon being asked to paper on vaccinations give advice to aspiring writers replied: #8220;Never read. This is very important. if you read books in order to improve your writing style, you will find yourself trying to write literature, instead of short essay love, saying what you really mean. It#8217;s very important not to get caught up trying to write better American prose. Don#8217;t do any such thing. Just try to think, Am I saying what I mean? Have I pared away, have I taken away all the words except the level structure, ones that say what I mean. And then your writing will be fine. You have the most wonderful writers in America, really great stylists, people like Damon Runyon, and short about there#8217;s no floweriness, no literary effect, in blended the work of Damon Runyon, he is as neat as he can possibly be.

One of his stories begins #8216;Some parties who do not wish him well have put Maury in some quicklime.#8217; March 23, 2017 at 5:39 pm, Dr. Jim Loving said: Excellent advice. Many writing students would do well to with author read Zinsser#8217;s book #8220;On Writing Well.#8221; He emphasizes clarity in writing, and no one does it better. May 04, 2016 at 1:43 pm, angielski said: Very useful to have it in one place. Thanks ! May 10, 2016 at thesis for research paper 7:57 pm, Cheese said: Hello Oxford Royale community, Thank you for this extremely helpful guide on improving flow using phrases. This has helped me improve, overall, as I have now taken these tips to essay about with my heart. Thanks an awful lot, May 11, 2016 at 9:17 pm, Khirod Maharana said: I greatly appreciate thankful#8230; May 12, 2016 at phd thesis 12:11 am, Inderpreet said: thnk u for the amazing words#8230; May 26, 2016 at 11:11 pm, Georgia Kathleen said: This is short essay about love with, really helpful, I#8217;ve been looking to expand and vary the words I use during English exams. Thanks!

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Cancers Healed: Cancer Case Studies by Charlotte Gerson. This collection of short essay about love author case studies (originally as pdf-files) come from the Gerson Institute, and is for analyzing, those who cannot read pdf-files. Find more case studies here, e.g. doctors healing their own cancers. Find a list of cancers here, cancers that have been reversed with Gerson therapy. Healing Brain Kidney Cancer, The Gerson Way, by Charlotte Gerson. Kenneth Edward Titus – Brain Tumour. Kenneth Edward Titus had problems with repeated falls. In June 1982, he went to his Kaiser doctor who, among other tests, carried out a needle biopsy on his brain. This produced a diagnosis of astrocytoma (brain cancer), very bad news indeed, which was given to the patient on his birthday, June 25 th . Edward consulted two other doctors for their “second opinions,” but the diagnosis and the prognosis were the essay love, same: he would be dead by Christmas. Surgery was offered as a treatment option. However, Edward had a friend who some six months earlier had submitted to surgery for a brain tumour.

He had emerged from the level essay, surgery reduced to short, the status of a vegetable, and dissertation, had died shortly before Edward was given his diagnosis. With this experience fresh in his mind, he refused surgery. Short Author? He didn’t tell anybody what the problem was, and told his family that he had had a myelogram. Thesis About The Prince? When he continued to have episodes of short essay about love with author falling, it was assumed that he was drunk. By the degree level, end of September 1982, Edward’s family found out what his problem was, and his brother and sister started to investigate alternative therapies, including the Burton treatment and the Gerson Therapy. Edward chose the about with author, Gerson Therapy, because he hated the by machiavelli, thought of so many needles (as used by Burton). Short Love Author? He arrived at phd thesis blended, the Hospital La Gloria in Mexico on October 1, 1982 to start treatment.

He was not at about, all sure about the Gerson Therapy, and suspected that it was quackery. So, after being evaluated at the Gerson Therapy hospital, he left to go back to his business. At any rate, he felt that he “couldn’t spare the time” to take any treatment! However, in early December, he was back at La Gloria. By then he was extremely weak, unable to walk, and blind. He remembers that he went two days on the Therapy without taking any enemas, being simply embarrassed to admit that he was unable to take them. By that time he was “like a zombie”, being highly toxic. In A? Edward was convinced that he was going to die – but wanted to die away from love with author his family, at chapters in a, the Mexican hospital. Yet after about three weeks at La Gloria, before it was time to leave, he was able to run up and downstairs. On Christmas Day his brother came to about love, visit and blended, was “shocked” at the tremendous change in Edward. By then his eyesight had also returned.

When he got home, he still spent a lot of time resting in bed, and his brother and sister took complete care of him, besides working at their own full-time jobs. In time, he got well; his eyesight reverted to the stage where he was able to use the same eyeglass prescription as he had done at age 17. He now feels in “perfect health”. But when he went back to the Kaiser hospital, he found that they had “lost” his records, as had the other two doctors to whom he went for second opinions. Inexplicably, they “knew nothing about him,” and short with author, had no records! Titus now has a winter home in Puerto Vallarta, and spends the summer months in Oregon. He says that he remembers relatively little about thesis his whole extraordinary experience, it is totally “behind him”.

In his book, A Cancer Therapy, Dr. Gerson repeatedly states that when a patient “forgets” about his cancer experience, when his fear and panic are gone, he is really cured. It has now been more than 20 years since Edward was given six months to live, and he is healthy and alive today! In October of essay love 1990, in his 58 th year, David was diagnosed with kidney cancer that had spread to both kidneys. He had originally gone to his urologist because an enlarged prostate was causing some problems with urination. While being initially treated for paper, this condition, he was also given an short love author, I.V.P. (Intravenous Pyelogram) test for visualising kidneys. In A? This test revealed “a depression, like something was pressing on his kidney”.

To check further, a CAT scan was done. Nothing showed outside of his kidneys. However, multiple tumours were visible in both kidneys: five or six in the right kidney, and three in the left. A needle biopsy done on the largest tumour tested positive for a fast-moving malignancy. The doctor told David that the essay love, tumours could not be removed because they were too close to thesis about the prince, the major blood supply to the kidneys. About? “This is the worst possible scenario I can imagine,” he said, and chapters dissertation, proposed a swift entire removal of both kidneys. This operation of about love course would have required David to chapters, receive regular dialysis for the rest of his life. When David refused to undergo this surgery, another doctor sent him to UCLA to about with author, see about entering an experimental programme using interferon. However, the UCLA oncologist wouldn’t allow David to visual argument, participate in this trial. There was a chance, he declared, that David’s cancerous condition was “curable” if both his kidneys were removed. At this point, David was sent back to essay love author, his surgeon/urologist for the dual nephrectomy. When David asked about the possibility of receiving a kidney transplant, he was told that this would be impossible.

The immunosuppressive drugs he would have to take to prevent his body from rejecting the donated kidney almost certainly would cause his cancer to recur. David was also informed that if he attempted to try some nutritional treatment first, which he was now considering doing, it probably would be too late to do surgery since the cancer doubtless would spread. Nevertheless, David again refused to have his kidneys removed. Instead, in January of 1991, David came to the Gerson Therapy Hospital in Mexico. After checking in, his first urinalysis, showed a slight amount of blood in his urine.

None showed in any of his subsequent tests. When returning home after some three weeks, David maintained the strict therapy for two years, and then continued on a less intensive treatment. Six years later, his regimen was reduced to four carrot juices and argument essay, one green juice daily, and a coffee enema every other day. Short? He still does the castor oil treatment every other month. Since kidney cancer tends to spread to the lungs, some months ago David had lung x-rays taken; his lungs showed clear. He has blood tests and urinalyses done regularly. David reported that his doctor commented, “I never see blood test this good, they are better than my own.” Surprisingly, tumours still show in David’s kidneys when they are scanned.

At the time of his diagnosis and biopsy, in 1990, these were described as fast-growing malignancies. But since the tumours remain unchanged and degree structure, no other cancer has appeared in his body for the past 11 years, it is fairly safe to assume that the tumours are either calcified and virtually dead, or else encapsulated. If they were active, they would be growing and/or spreading. Last report: October 2001. At that time, David Saracoff was close to essay about, his 69 th birthday. He was currently in history essay questions good health, had fair energy, his weight was steady, his appetite and short about love author, sleep normal. He was pain-free. “I am fairly active,” he said. “I bought a motor home and took a trip back East for seven weeks. Degree Structure? And I also went camping”. Healing Breast Cancer, The Gerson Way. In 1987 Janet Pottinger was diagnosed with an short about author, in-situ intraductal carcinoma of the right breast. Analyzing Visual Argument? At that time she had a successful career that often required her to attend business luncheons and dinners.

In 1984, she had travelled to China on a holiday and had received several vaccinations, with boosters in 1985. Following these, she felt less and less well, but had no specific symptoms. Short Essay? (For further discussion of the problem of vaccinations, see Confessions of degree level essay structure a Medical Heretic, by Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.) After seeing a homeopath in 1987 for short about with, several symptoms, Janet decided to degree level, have a complete checkup. It didn’t register at the time that the short essay love author, nurse was spending a lot of time during the checkup on visual argument, Janet’s breast screening, nor did the need for a second mammogram alarm her, “because the first one was unclear, which might have been a problem with the machine.” Two weeks later her general practitioner suggested that she sees a specialist, but Janet was just too tired to think of any serious problem. Short With? She consulted a surgeon who never mentioned the word “cancer”, but said that “something” had shown on thesis paper on vaccinations, the mammogram, and Janet needed surgery urgently.

He said he had no idea “how long it had been there” [emphasis ours]. Janet and short with author, her husband drove home “in dejected, stunned silence and then, at home, hugged and by machiavelli, cried a lot”. Short Essay About Love Author? A few days later she had a lumpectomy at the Cromwell Hospital in London. She specifically forbade the surgeon to remove anything but the lump – (“We were still not using the word ‘cancer’, she said), no mastectomy, no lymph node dissection. She went home the day after the operation, “shaken, scared but relieved.” “What I’d dreaded most about the operation was having the essay questions, anesthesia and being completely in short essay about love with author the hands of other people, at their mercy”. Early one morning, soon after the degree level essay, operation, the surgeon called to say that the tissue was malignant but that he had “got it all out!” Janet continues, “The beautiful summer day suddenly looked brighter and sunnier and the sky was bluer. My husband and I went on a gentle stroll in short essay about author the park. But by the evening of the same day the surgeon urgently called to see me again. By 9:30 PM we were in his office. He told us that in his experience there was a 50/50 chance for my tumour to recur, and that a mastectomy would keep it from coming back. If it did recur, there was again a 50/50 chance that it would be more invasive.”

Janet seriously started to phone around and talk to friends about options. Among others, she found Beata Bishop, who listened and suggested that they meet. From Beata, Janet learned about Gerson, but still sought other medical opinions. A radiologist recommended, “Radiation tomorrow morning”. History Of Psychology Questions? Another surgeon insisted, “More surgery”. She did neither. Two years later, and about love with, six months after a business upset, in August 1989, her cancer was back again in learning the same place. At the end of short with author that month Janet came to the Gerson Healing Centre in Mexico, after arranging her household to return home to the full Gerson Therapy. “One afternoon in January 1990 I woke up from a sleep, and as I woke, I knew I had no more cancer. It was gone. I was sure.” In April a homeopath confirmed that there was no more cancer. Of Psychology Questions? In January 1991 Janet had another mammogram from about love with author her surgeon.

He couldn’t bring himself to admit that she was clear; instead, he shouted at his nurse for supposedly doing something wrong with the files. Finally Janet asked, “Does the mammogram show the scar tissue from the essay, ’87 operation?” The surgeon didn’t charge for that consultation. Healing Colon, Liver and Pancreas Cancer, The Gerson Way, by Charlotte Gerson. Ella Augenti – Colon Cancer, Grave’s Disease, Hypoglycemia; Glaucoma, Concussion. Ella was born in 1916. About Love With? When interviewed, in in a dissertation late 2000, she was 84 years old. It is almost incredible; however she did, in the course of her lifetime, suffer from all the above ailments. Short Love Author? In 1928 when she was only 12 years old, her mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She found Dr. Gerson in New York, did the Gerson Therapy, recovered, and lived 12 years in good health.

Due to statement, an auto accident, she had very severe injuries, bleeding the doctors were unable to essay love with author, stop. She died shortly thereafter. When she was 30 years old, Ella found herself in an extremely stressful marriage. Of Psychology Questions? She developed Grave’s Disease (Exophthalmic goiter) and returned to Dr. Gerson in New York, followed his advice, and reported “I got well quickly while dieting with my mother”. The disease never recurred. Later she suffered from hypoglycemia but didn’t know where to find the Gerson Therapy. Short About Love? She went to doctors who put her on analyzing argument, a high protein diet. This caused her severe dizziness – so she stopped.

She told that “By the greatest good luck, my niece had gotten a health food store and had received notice that Charlotte Gerson was going to lecture in short love Asbury Park (New Jersey). By Machiavelli? I was so thankful to short love with, find her; and went back on the [Gerson] diet and got rid of that problem.” It was at age 71 that Ella noted rectal bleeding. Chapters Dissertation? Since she seriously distrusted doctors, she assumed that it was caused by haemorrhoids. Eventually, due to essay with, some problems of elimination, she did consult a doctor who found “a very large tumour”. Paper On Vaccinations? The medical report of the surgery at Pascack Valley Hospital in with New Jersey, by Dr. Visual Argument Essay? F. Candido, confirmed adeno-carcinoma of the rectum, with extensive small and large bowel adhesions. She refused orthodox treatments and at the end of short about author 1987 went to Mexico for the Gerson Therapy. She said, “I knew where to go when I got cancer.” She got a good response. After some time, she found it very cumbersome to chapters in a dissertation, pick up and short, carry her distilled water home.

Instead, she opted for home delivery of her water. At that time, she worsened but only discovered later that the ‘delivered’ water was not distilled and history essay, contained salt. In 1988, since her tumour was growing, she had to short essay love author, have it removed. At about the same time, Ella was diagnosed with glaucoma. With the Gerson Therapy, and back on distilled water, she completely cleared the questions, cancer as well as the glaucoma. She felt that the short about author, niacin, especially, helped to open the ducts in her eyes to reduce the pressure. Most recent news: August 2001. At that time, she said that she needed no medication and level structure, has no further problems, no recurrence of her colon cancer. “I feel just fine, and when people talk to essay with author, me on the phone, they can’t believe I am 84; because, they say, my voice sounds so energetic.” Last year, she slipped and chapters dissertation, fell on the ice, had a severe blow on short with, the back of her head that caused a concussion. She landed in the hospital for four days but couldn’t wait to get home to do the proper Gerson Therapy. Soon her doctors were amazed at her excellent recovery – at age 83. Ella had no more headaches or any other problems due to the fall.

Patricia Ainey – Pancreatic Cancer. In January 1986, Patricia was sent by her doctor from her residence in Nanimo (BC, Canada) to Victoria for a CAT scan. The results were verified by a needle biopsy. Paper? The medical specialist said to her, “Go home and get your life in order; the cancer is so bad it is inoperable.” She was also told that the short love with, malignancy had spread to her liver, gallbladder and spleen. By then she had lost more than 45 pounds and was vomiting blood. Naturally, the medical verdict distressed Patricia greatly. After much anguish and thesis statement paper, weeping she decided to make the best of the few months left to her with her family. Patricia was skeptical when she first heard about a nutritional treatment claiming to heal cancer, called the Gerson Therapy, and thought it had to be a scam. But then she and short about love with, her husband read about a Victoria man who had apparently recovered from pancreatic cancer on this therapy (see George Birney) and phd thesis blended, wondered whether she should give it a try. Finally on March 7, 1986, she arrived at the Mexican Gerson clinic. Already after ten days she began to feel considerably better than she had in months.

By December of that year, her doctor told her that “he thought Patricia had the cancer licked.” He went on to say what many other physicians have told their patients who had recovered on essay about love with author, the Gerson Therapy: “I don’t know what you are doing, I don’t want to know, just keep doing it.” In February 1990 her family physician wrote a letter in which he stated the following: “Patricia was diagnosed as having a malignancy of her pancreas. Dissertation? She received treatment of her disease outside of Canada, and I am pleased to say that as of the present time she has no evidence of recurrence of the disease, and what evidence of malignancy was present in 1985 has now gone.” Although she has enjoyed excellent health for many years, Patricia still drinks the essay about author, freshly made organic fruit and blended learning, vegetable juices that are a mainstay of the Gerson Therapy, and has the occasional coffee enema, to ensure her continued well-being. She leads an active life and short essay with, enjoys the company of her grandchildren, sixteen years after being told that her life was over. Last contact: a Christmas card received in degree structure 2001. Professor Yoshihiko Hoshino, M.D. – Colon Cancer with Liver Metastases. It is always a pleasant surprise when an short about author, unknown person from some remote part of the world gets in touch with Charlotte Gerson, to report on his or her recovery from degree essay structure some serious life-threatening condition on the Gerson Therapy, solely with the help of Dr. With? Gerson’s classic book, A Cancer Therapy – Results of Fifty Cases. One such occasion was on thesis statement for research paper on vaccinations, December 30, 1997, when a letter arrived from Professor Hoshino, M.D., who teaches at the Fukushima Medical College in Fukushima, Northern Japan. By then Dr. Gerson’s book had appeared in short essay about love with author a Japanese translation, which explains how Professor Hoshino had found out about the Gerson Therapy.

According to his letter, in blended learning 1992 Professor Hoshino was diagnosed with colon cancer, which had spread to his liver, he recovered from both by short love with author, using the Gerson Therapy and other immune therapy. He added, “Now I am writing a book introducing the Gerson Therapy to Japan. This will be the first book about the Therapy written by a medical doctor in Japan.” In the fall of degree level essay structure 1998, his book was published. In it the Professor described not only short about love his own recovery on the Gerson Therapy, but also how, while curing himself, he also treated some twelve cancer patients.

The latter belonged to various age groups and suffered from a variety of cancers, including a child with a brain tumour. All those patients made a full recovery. Our only regret is that, owing to the obvious language difficulty, we are unable to read this pioneering work. Answering to a query from the Gerson Institute, Professor Yoshihiko sent a message on October 28, 2001, in which he confirmed that he had never had any chemotherapy, having refused it as an option. Instead, he wrote, “I treated my disease by operation for history of psychology questions, the colon cancer, and with the Gerson Therapy and urine therapy for the liver cancer.” Healing Lung Cancer Respiratory Diseases, The Gerson Way, by Charlotte Gerson. John Peters – Lung Cancer and Myasthenia Gravis. In mid-August 1989 John Peters turned 60 years of age. He was working out regularly, and short with, five days a week was also swimming 1000 yards.

He had never been a smoker, ate a good diet, and had only of psychology missed work once in 30 years. After giving him his annual examination, his doctor pronounced him in excellent health. Just two months later, however, he had a persistent cough. In November he underwent open chest surgery for non-small cell lung cancer. The operation was followed by short essay about author, 24 radiation treatments which seemed to visual argument, work – for a while. About a year later, he developed another cough and began losing weight, strength and about love author, energy. “I was like a wind-up toy that was running down” he later recalled of this time, “and the doctors were not helping.”

After being hospitalised for thesis on vaccinations, a bronchoscopic examination, Mr. Peters’ physician said that he would again have to have open-chest surgery to short essay about with author, remove the statement paper, recurring cancer. When he refused both surgery and chemotherapy, they told him that he had no chance for survival. “I had researched lung cancer, and realised that the only reason I got cancer was that my body supported it”, he wrote when giving us the short essay with, story of his recovery. “Thus, if I didn’t change the internal environment of visual argument essay my body, the cancer would just come back again.” John started on the Gerson Therapy in May 1991, and essay about with, he did it at dissertation, home. “I was very weak and the therapy was demanding,” he said. “But I was facing the Grim Reaper and was highly motivated. In only three weeks, I knew it was working, I was getting stronger, coughing less, and feeling much better.

Most surprising of all, I was actually gaining weight on essay author, this vegetarian diet after losing so much for for research on vaccinations, months, I had become just skin and bones!” About one year after starting Therapy, John Peters reported, he returned to his pulmonary specialist. He found out later that the physician had stated in short essay love with author his medical records that “the patient is fine with no sign of argument essay cancer, so our diagnosis was undoubtedly wrong.” Before having surgery in 1989, John had obtained a second opinion from the short with, head of the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. In 1996, when he returned there for a follow-up test, the head physician was shocked to see him. “He said that I’d never know how lucky I was to be alive. He told me that with my disease, there was only about a 3% chance of survival.” In a communication to the Gerson Institute in chapters dissertation 1999, John Peters could tell us this: “I have remained cancer-free and in reasonably good health for the past seven years. I am vegan, avoid refined flour, sugar, salt, caffeine, and alcohol; and I still juice about 24 ounces per day. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have been in essay with the cemetery six or seven years ago without the Gerson Therapy.”

But he had gone through a harrowing period earlier. In November 1992, John had suddenly began to see double. “The doctors suspected that the lung cancer had spread to my brain,” he said, “but all tests were negative. The problem went away … until the following November, when the double vision recurred. My mother and degree level essay, favourite uncle had both suffered from short essay about author myasthenia gravis, which is of psychology essay questions what I was diagnosed with.” The condition cleared up with medication, but again returned the following November. “After appearing for three consecutive years only in November,” Mr. Peters told us, “I asked God what this meant. About With Author? But it turned out that on Halloween, I would eat leftover Halloween candy. I have not eaten candy since November 1995.

And though I had been told that I was permanently disabled and would never recover, I have had no sign of myasthenia gravis since then..Last news from John Peters: November 2002. He writes that he is level structure well and truly enjoying his two sets of short essay about love with twin grandchildren that, he states, “without the Gerson Therapy I would have died before getting to analyzing, know them.” Two interesting statements in this patient’s report deserve further commentary: 1 Doctors tend to reason backwards, so that if a cancer patient who was declared by them to short essay, be in a “terminal” condition somehow recovers, they assume that the diagnosis was wrong. I have some problems with this observation. Since the degree, doctors had suggested open chest surgery and essay, chemotherapy when the patient presented with an apparent recurrence of lung cancer, were they criminally suggesting unnecessary treatments?

It is unethical and even illegal to alter medical records, yet at the Gerson Institute patients often report their doctors tell them because they got well, they had initially been misdiagnosed. 2 The other point I should point I should like to thesis, make is that this patient also recovered from about love author myasthenia gravis. At the Gerson hospitals, we rarely see cases with this condition. Yet here we have a report that the Gerson Therapy was able to overcome this serious health problem, too. Joan was born in Montana in 1935. She had her first asthma attack at thesis statement, the age of short about with 10. It seemed to have been caused by a fall during ice skating, which injured her neck. After that, her attacks came fairly regularly, depending on the season. Chapters In A? Mostly, they were caused by cold temperature, or by changes in the weather during fall or spring. At the time, the family was not able to afford doctors. However, they were ranching – raising animals – and Joan had become allergic to animals of all kinds.

Her worst problems, however, were with dogs, cats, and – surprisingly – by any contact with mice. During Joan’s teenage years, her parents would take her to short essay love, higher elevations, which helped to alleviate her asthma attacks. All this time, she never took drugs, since the family didn’t see physicians. Of Psychology Essay? At about age 20, she started to short essay about with, work in town, away from the ranch. She began to consult doctors about her asthma. They treated her with serum and vaccines, which helped a little, so that her attacks were less severe. In her mid-20’s Joan married a man who was 17 years older. She moved back to the family ranch, and raised three children.

With all the hard work involved in phd thesis the ranching lifestyle, she did suffer additional asthma attacks – and took the prescribed drugs. Then, in 1984, her husband had a stroke. It left him without speech and paralysed on one side. For the about with author, next 13 years Joan took care of him. He was confined to a wheelchair during the day. She was also looking after the ranch, the three kids, and all the animals.

Then her husband developed prostate cancer. Joan found out about the Gerson Therapy and of psychology essay, decided to essay about author, use it with him. Chapters In A Dissertation? Joan wanted to share with as many people as possible the amazing improvements the therapy caused in her husband. Thirteen years after his stroke, having been paralysed and about love with, unable to speak all that time, when on history questions, the full therapy, his speech returned, and he also regained movement in his left side. Short Essay About With? Because his muscles had been immobilised for so long, they had atrophied. He was unwilling to chapters dissertation, do required exercises to strengthen them, but at least he did have movement again. Meanwhile, however, Joan became totally exhausted form taking care of short essay about love her invalid husband, along with obtaining and juicing the organic foods so as to give him that crucial part of the Gerson diet. Degree Structure? She had no energy at short about love with author, all, and couldn’t even walk across the of psychology, room. To try to short author, improve her condition so that she could function better, Joan went on the Gerson Therapy for the first time in many years and about the prince by machiavelli, felt “wonderful”..With all his improvements, once he felt better, her husband started to raid the refrigerator and cheat as far as the Gerson Therapy was concerned.

His cancer worsened and it eventually killed him. Love With Author? After her husband died Joan needed to deal with all sorts of legal matters. For some while she was unable to do the therapy for herself, so that her condition worsened. Still, eventually she was able to get back on the Gerson Therapy, and she is again much better. She is able to take care of the ranch, the degree level essay, house and the garden … and reports that she feels she’s doing “wonderfully well”.

Healing Lymphoma, The Gerson Way, by Charlotte Gerson. Born in 1944, psychotherapist Allison was 35 years old when she first noted a firm, ill-defined mass on her neck, next to the left lobe of the thyroid. She reported to the Medical Arts Hospital of short about Dallas on September 12, 1979. A biopsy was performed by Dr. M.J. Waldron of the Dallas Pathology Associates. The report read: nodular lymphoma, poorly differentiated. These findings were reviewed and confirmed by Dr.

M.A. Luna of M.D. History Of Psychology Questions? Anderson Hospital, and author, Dr.Wm. Sheehan of the University of chapters in a dissertation Texas Health Sciences Center of Dallas. In January 1980, Allison was found to have a mass on her surgical scar that was clearly a tumour. Other nodes were found in short the left cervical area, and chemotherapy was offered. Allison refused. By March 11, 1980, tumour growth was noted, and she was urged to have chemotherapy, which she once again declined. Of Psychology Questions? Still, her tumours were growing.

By April 4, Dr. Short Essay Love? Merrick Reese of the Sammons Cancer Center at blended, Baylor University Medical Center, who had been following her case, observed another increase of the mass. It measured 4 x 4 cm, and essay about love, other nodes were also involved. Allison was a pack-a-day smoker; and suffered from the lymphoma patient’s typical night sweats. She also had family history of visual argument essay cancer, including two uncles suffering from lymphoma. After realising that she hadn’t taken care of her body, she began to research various diets, found information on the Gerson Therapy and decided to give it a try. She arrived at love with author, the Gerson Therapy Hospital in dissertation Mexico on April 28, 1980, and left on short essay about with author, May 12. Her body responded immediately with the the prince, usual healing reactions, including severe gastro-intestinal symptoms. At the short essay about love with author, same time, her local edema was receding and her large tumour began to regress during her stay at the Gerson Hospital. Eventually all her tumours disappeared and history of psychology, she recovered completely.

She said: “The Gerson Therapy was exactly what made sense to me, and what I needed to do, as well as to take care of stress.” Her last report was dated 1992. Denis (not his real name) is presently (February 2002) 64 years old. In 1986, when he was 46, he had some severe abdominal pain. In ’87, he was given a medical leave of essay love six weeks for chapters dissertation, ‘stress, sleeplessness and lack of about appetite.’ He visited various physicians but they were all unable to find anything wrong; all his tests showed normal. They finally sent him to blended learning, a psychiatrist (in 1988) whom he saw for one year.

This doctor gave him some pills and told him to short about love author, “quit complaining about stomach aches”. Chapters Dissertation? Eventually he went to see an acupuncturist who was also a medical doctor. She told Denis that he was “real sick”, yet nothing showed in an upper and lower G.I. (gastro-intestinal X-ray check), nor in author any blood test. Thesis About The Prince By Machiavelli? The acupuncturist then sent him for an ultrasound. That is when an 8-cm tumour showed up in short with his spleen. Analyzing Visual Essay? A CAT scan also came up with the same finding. In October ’90, Denis had surgery at the Palm Drive Hospital in about Sebastopol (California), to remove his spleen.

The surgeon reported that he had found cancer all over Denis’ intestines and throughout his abdomen, and considered his condition hopeless. When the biopsy was done, it showed a mixed large and small cell lymphoma. Denis went for a second opinion to Stanford where the diagnosis was confirmed. In January ’90 he went to Texas to try the Burzinsky treatment, stayed there a couple of weeks and then continued the treatment as directed by Dr. Burzinsky for another four months at home. He had no results, but he was no worse.

He quit that treatment and did nothing for one year! During that time, a new tumour grew. Sometime later, in late ’92, Denis started the Gerson Therapy. By that time his weight had dropped from analyzing visual argument 145 to 110 pounds. He did the Therapy mostly at home, with some support from author other Gerson patients.

One year later, the tumour on analyzing visual argument, his small intestine had actually grown to 4.5 cm; but three months later it shrank to 2 cm. By August 2001 he still had a 1.5 cm lymph node, which remains there, is essay about author firm but has been the history questions, same size now for love with, about a year. Argument Essay? The radiologist said he didn’t know any more what it might be. Denis has recovered his previous weight of about 140 lbs. and feels fine. Meantime he also helped another lymphoma patient to recover. She is in remission for love with author, “many years” (over five years).

Healing Melanoma, The Gerson Way, by Charlotte Gerson. Deborah Dole’s story started in thesis early February 1978, when she was 24. Essay About Love With? She had a rash on her abdomen and consulted a dermatologist, Dr. McGinley, at about by machiavelli, Kaiser in San Francisco for a diagnosis. He noted on her right arm a black mole with a purple spot, which looked suspect to him. He biopsied it on short love with, February 15th. A few days later the history, pathologist reported that the mole was positive for melanoma, determined to be at Stage IV.

Debbie underwent surgery on February 28th, and at that time the surgeon told her that he thought he had got it all. Meanwhile Debbie had no new symptoms, except that the skin rash didn’t go away for short about, a year. She did have counselling for anger with the Shanti system. In July she noticed a swelling the size of a golf ball in her right armpit. She went back to Kaiser and her doctors proposed a liver scan and thesis about by machiavelli, surgery on the tumour, with an overall hopeless prognosis.

Prior to short with author, her visit at Kaiser, Debbie had read Jaquie Davison’s book, Cancer Winner, describing here recovery from about the prince widespread terminal melanoma on love author, the Gerson Therapy. That book had convinced Debbie that, if she ever had a recurrence, she would go the Gerson way. She called the Gerson Institute, went to statement for research paper, the Mexican Gerson Hospital in short love author August ’78, and started the treatment. She was very frightened and in a dissertation, thought she was facing death. However, after six weeks she had a full-blown healing reaction with fever, nausea, redness (inflammation) and much else.

After that the “golf ball” disappeared! She stayed on the full Therapy for essay about with author, about 14 months and then slowly got into “a more average diet”, including going out for meals. History Of Psychology? She valued sociability, and short essay about author, the Gerson Therapy had forced her into isolation. Also, her friends tried to discourage her, with comments like “If this therapy were any good, everybody would use it.” Only her husband and mother continued to dissertation, support and encourage her. In the experience of love author Gerson doctors, alcohol and street drugs are often involved in cases of melanoma among young people under 30. As early as in her sophomore and thesis statement for research, junior years in High School, Debbie had used marijuana along with alcohol, often two to three times a week. As Debbie’s Gerson Therapy months were ending, her husband became ill and was hospitalised for over a year. She visited him 2-3 times a week, while also taking care of kids where she lived during that time. In late ’89, when her mother died and short essay about love with author, her father disappeared, Debbie faced severe emotional problems.

She frequently went out to dinner with a friend and in a dissertation, had “good wine” every night. Essay With Author? In ’92 a dear friend of hers died in a plane accident; at the same time she developed serious gynecological problems. Phd Thesis Learning? These lasted until ’96, when she had abdominal surgery. She has been well since. Around Christmas 2000, she went for a regular gynecological check up. The doctor felt a lump in her breast and urged her to about love, do a mammogram. The results looked suspicious, with lumps in blended both breasts. He assured her that 90% of short essay about love with author such lumps are benign, yet by late January 2001 the surgeon urged Debbie to have them removed.

However, Lent began and Debbie fasted, abandoned all indulgences, returned close to the Gerson Therapy, and level essay, “felt good, clearer, and rid of a lot of about love with author anger.” The lumps didn’t change; they didn’t grow larger and harder, nor smaller and softer. But now, aged 47, Debbie says that she feels the best she has for eight years. Thesis About The Prince By Machiavelli? Her recovery from terminal melanoma totals 23 years. Robyn Martinez Thompson – Melanoma. In 1977, during her first pregnancy, Robyn Martinez Thompson developed a growth on short essay about with author, her right cheek. It was surgically removed, and when the level essay, biopsy proved it to be melanoma, she underwent a wide excision.

The surgeon told her that the melanoma was Stage 4, but at the time she didn’t understand what that meant. About Love? She had no further treatment, and phd thesis, delivered a healthy baby. Nine months later she became pregnant again and short essay about, complained to her doctor that the area of the earlier deep excision felt “active” and visual essay, was bothering her. But she was told that it was only “scar tissue”, and nothing further was done, since this was also late in her pregnancy. Twelve months later she was pregnant for the third time.

Now she experienced pain in the area of the short essay about love with, surgical excision. After a biopsy she was told that the melanoma had spread to her lymph nodes, she had less than two months to of psychology, live, and her unborn baby would also die. Her oncologist explained that he had to do some test, but these would seriously damage the short about love, baby. Learning? In fact the tests showed the spreading melanoma, and short about, Robyn also had to have an abortion, since her doctors told her that her unborn baby was severely damaged. Shortly afterwards Robyn developed a new melanoma on the site of the earlier surgery, and was told that she would have to undergo a facial dissection. But just before this surgery was scheduled, a friend called and told her about her own recovery from breast cancer on the Gerson Therapy, and her visit to the Gerson Hospital (La Gloria, at that time). Upon this Robyn told her doctor that she didn’t want the proposed surgery; he replied that she was committing suicide. Chapters In A Dissertation? But in 1982 she did go to La Gloria to start the Gerson Therapy there, and continued with it at home. About a year and a half into the treatment she felt great, but found some nodules. The doctor declared that these were still malignant and insisted on carrying out short essay about love with, facial surgery.

She refused. Later it turned out that her lymph nodes were not malignant. At that point she was presented to a group of 60 doctors, including her original oncologist. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and history of psychology essay questions, said that she had looked “quite ill” when he last saw her. Short Essay About With Author? Robyn never looked back. She remained well, was able to raise her children, and lead a normal life. For Research Paper? When last contacted, in with author February 2002, she reported that she was alive, well and very active, with a full time job and statement for research paper, six grandchildren! Healing Ovarian and short essay about with, Female Organ Cancer, The Gerson Way, by Charlotte Gerson. When Leslie was just 40, in thesis for research on vaccinations March 1985, and because she was suffering from extreme fatigue, an short essay love with, ultrasound examination was performed. It showed a large abdominal mass.

She had exploratory surgery, which resulted in a total hysterectomy, removal of her fallopian tubes, her omentum (the covering of the abdominal organs) plus the analyzing argument essay, removal of all tumours larger than 1 cm in size. One of about love her ovarian tumours had split its capsule and seeded her entire abdominal cavity with metastases. Essay? They had spread to short essay love with author, the peritoneal wall, the spleen, the diaphragm, the lower cecum (the start of the large intestine), the appendix, the rear pelvic wall, and the bladder wall. The small amount of fluid also present was filled with adenocarcinoma (malignant) cells. Her liver seemed clear. The Prince By Machiavelli? After the removal of all the essay about love, tumours larger than 1 cm, a large number of smaller ones remained in blended learning the various abdominal organs. Leslie called “her cancer” Gilda Radner’s cancer.

Some months into about with, Leslie’s Therapy, Life magazine carried a large article with Gilda on chapters in a dissertation, the cover, saying, “she has beaten cancer.” This was 17 months into her [chemo] treatment. Leslie said, “I was pulling for her.” However, when Gilda died, Leslie was very frightened since, “after all, she had the same disease as me. It’s scary when somebody dies.” Leslie had a little seven-year old girl and wanted very much to live. Essay Love? After much mental agonising, she decided to reject chemotherapy, which had little promise of recovery, and chose to do the Gerson Therapy. In the analyzing visual essay, beginning she had very violent healing reactions, with pain all over her body.

On the fifth day of the Gerson Therapy, Leslie had a very high fever. “I just ached. I’ve never felt so terrible; it was like the short about love with author, worst case of flu that you can even imagine. Every joint, every part of my body was just aching. I also had killer headaches. I could hardly move. — I was taking so many coffee enemas, one after another, just to give myself a little relief. Degree Essay Structure? Then, the next day, I started getting nausea. I took the green drink as a retention enema and drank copious amounts of peppermint tea and a little oatmeal gruel and some watermelon juice.” Leslie goes on to report: “What was so phenomenal was that the onset of the healing reaction was just like throwing a light switch, it was that sudden. I felt fine one minute and short about love with author, deathly ill the phd thesis, next. And when it ended, it was just as sudden. I was taking a ‘coffee break’ and was still feeling just lousy.

I got up and knew – it was over!” Leslie reports that over a period of two years she had dozens of these reactions, never as strong again, nor ever with that high a fever again. About With? After three years on the Gerson Therapy, Leslie’s energy was high and she felt wonderful. Leslie also consulted Dr. Nieper in Germany. He performed a CAT scan every time she visited for a follow up, in November of 1985, in June of 1987 and in June of 1989. Analyzing Argument Essay? Nothing positive was found at those times.

At this writing, in 2002, more than 17 years after her devastating diagnosis, and short love with, without chemotherapy, Leslie remains well and active and phd thesis learning, has good energy. Diagnosis made at Orlando General Hospital, Inc., Orlando, Florida, on March 7 1985: Bilateral primary papillary serous cystadenocarcinoma. Figo classification Stage III. In January 1995, Debbi went to about author, the San Antonio Community Hospital in Upland County for a routine vaginal hysterectomy with rectocele repair. During surgery they found multiple nodules on degree structure, the upper vaginal cuff.

A subsequent exploratory laparotomy disclosed cancer on about love with author, the ovaries, bowel, omentum and history, pelvic gutter. Essay Love? A more extensive hysterectomy had to be carried out through the stomach, removing the.ovaries and omentum, and scraping the bowel and pelvic gutter as much as possible. Three nodules on the small bowel and right pelvic gutter, measuring less than 1.0 cm in size, were left; so were seedlings on the vaginal wall. Debbi’s condition turned out to be Stage III papillary serous ovarian carcinoma with extensive omental involvement, studding of the bowel and right gutter, as well as involvement of essay questions both ovaries. The doctors wanted her to have chemotherapy (Taxol and Cisplatin). Debbi felt scared and visited the UCLA Medical Center for a second opinion. Contrary to her hopes, the original diagnosis was confirmed, so she arranged with a doctor near her home to start chemotherapy. Her prognosis was not good: the short love with author, experts said she probably had six to nine months to live. Upon this her father and uncle pushed her into considering the Gerson Therapy instead of chemotherapy. Debbi read Dr.

Gerson’s book, A Cancer Therapy – Results of 50 Cases, watched the Gerson videos, did some research into chemotherapy and some other treatments. She asked UCLA and her oncologist for names of patients who were alive five years after undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. They didn’t give her any. Statement For Research? However, the Gerson Institute and love, the Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles supplied her with patients’ names and phone numbers. She ‘phoned these individuals, who had all had the same stage of phd thesis blended ovarian cancer as she had, or even higher. They wee alive 9, 10, 14 and 17 years after their original diagnosis with no recurrences, having used the short essay about love author, Gerson Therapy – and feeling great. The Gerson Therapy really made sense. Debbi cancelled her chemo the day before she was to start it and decided to go to Mexico to start the essay, Gerson Therapy. Her family and friends fully supported her decision.

Two years after that nightmarish diagnosis, Debbi had no sign of any recurrence, and love author, all her tests showed clear. Essay? Way back in February 1995, two weeks after her original surgery, an MRI found a cyst on her left kidney, and gallstones. All that has vanished. Short Essay About Author? Her adult onset diabetes is also controlled. She does not have to take any hormones to thesis about, control the body changes due to the removal of short about love with her ovaries, and is free from the panic attacks that used to degree, trouble her since childhood. Debbi recalls three women acquaintances of hers who had ovarian cancer and short with author, were treated with chemotherapy. Essay Questions? None of them lived even for nine months. She is the only survivor.

She is deeply grateful to Dr. Gerson and to her own family and friends for having helped her through her ordeal and adds, “I am much healthier and short about, more active than I have ever been.” Diagnosis from the San Antonio Community Hospital, Upland, CA, January 26, 1995: Well-differentiated papillary carcinoma with extension to visual essay, serosal surface of short love with left ovary. Statement? Metastatic papillary adenocarcinoma of uterus. Metastatic papillary adenocarcinoma of right ovary. Elizabeth Littlefield – Cervical and Uterine Cancer. Born in love with author 1921, Elizabeth has a complex medical history. In 1967, aged 38, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of the cervix at Yale – New Haven (CT) Hospital. The cancer had already invaded the about the prince by machiavelli, bladder wall. Prior to surgery she received 4500 rads of cobalt radiation, which shrank the tumour by 70%. During the long and complicated operation her uterus was found to be cancerous, too, and was removed, together with both ovaries, cervix and essay love with, urinary bladder.

Elizabeth withstood the surgery well and was able to return to work. In the early Seventies she found out level structure, about the love with author, Gerson Therapy, and in 1977 went for a week to recently-opened Gerson Hospital in Mexico. She stayed on the Therapy for 18 months and experienced a significant improvement in her general health, together with a sense of rejuvenation. She remained on the modified Gerson Therapy “on and off” ever since, and returned for ten days to the Mexican Gerson Hospital for a “refresher” in 1987..Her next serious problem arose in 1988, when she needed surgery for a fistula in the lower bowel, caused by thesis the prince, the extensive radiation she had received in 1967. This was carried out at the White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles, by Dr. Zerne. However, the radiation had also damaged the short about love author, lymph nodes in Elizabeth’s left groin, causing severe edema in her left leg. She has been able to control it to some extent, but it has not gone away completely.

In 1995, Elizabeth had a thorough check-up at Saddleback Radiology, Laguna Hills, CA, and was found to be free of metastatic malignant disease, being generally in good health. Now aged over 80, in argument essay a recent letter to Charlotte Gerson she wrote, “I know I will pass away one of these days, but I’ll be d – – d if I die of cancer!” Healing Prostate Testicular Cancer, The Gerson Way, by Charlotte Gerson. Blaine is a former professor of psychology, in retirement since 1987. In May 1994, aged 72 and prior to a projected move, he decided to have a routine physical check-up. Some five years earlier, in 1989, he had already been given a TURP (trans-urethral resection of the prostate) to relieve extremely frequent night urination.

At that time a biopsy was done and proved negative. In 1994, Blaine’s PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) was low (2.8), but the doctor found that his prostate was enlarged and hard on one side. He did a biopsy in his office in Salt Lake City. Short Essay About With? This time, the biopsy was positive at 4 plus 4 on the Gleason scale. At that point, the the prince by machiavelli, doctor suggested surgery, but felt that Blaine could wait for a month. Blaine wanted a second opinion. His son urged him to have “the best surgeon possible” and put him in touch with a prominent oncologist who suggested either radiation or surgery. Short Essay About Love Author? Blaine talked on the phone with a prominent surgeon who lived near his son, and degree level structure, was told by him that there were good surgeons where he (Blaine) lived, and had one call him. An appointment was made with the latter, and the lab test from the essay love with, biopsy was taken, just to be sure that no mistake had been made. After an examination, this doctor recommended immediate surgery. Blaine asked him what he thought about trying the Gerson Therapy for two or three months to see if it helped, and, if not, then have the surgery.

The surgeon said, “I have never heard of of psychology essay it, I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, it is short essay about with a lie.” After serious consideration of the several options available and with much prayer, Blaine decided on the Gerson Therapy. He arrived at the Mexican Gerson Hospital in early June 1994. At the time, he was the only patient there who had not had prior orthodox medical treatments. Blaine stayed rigidly on phd thesis blended, the Therapy for over a year, and has been on a modified programme since. He lost 45 pounds at the beginning, and, as happens with most prostate cancer patients, his PSA went up to essay love with, some extent. Level? In January 1995, he travelled to Germany to be treated by love author, a German doctor who had shown some promising results with an alternative cancer treatment. He stayed in degree level essay Germany for 4 weeks, had blood removed from his vein and combined with some holistic elements and irradiated with ultraviolet light, put through an electrolysis process for 15 minutes, then injected into essay about love with author, the muscle. He stayed on the Gerson Therapy throughout, and states that he didn’t feel much difference after the four weeks of his stay and history, treatment. Then, six months later, he returned to Germany for more of the same treatment. This time, he felt a big difference, had much more energy and started to gain back some of short essay about with his weight. At present Blaine is on a relaxed diet, still eats low fat, low salt and low sugar foods, mostly organic.

He doesn’t drink any more juices (although he really feels he should and degree, plans to start on them again), and does not do any coffee enemas. Short Love? But he has at least two good bowel movements daily. He feels good and his friends tell him that he looks years younger than his age. Blaine has his PSA checked regularly. When he started on the Gerson Therapy, it varied from 2.3 to thesis statement on vaccinations, 4.1. Essay About Author? About 4 years later, it was 5.1, and in statement for research paper on vaccinations one more year it rose to 11.0. Because of this rise, his urologist suggested radiation seed implants, but after exploring this possibility, Blaine decided against it. At that same time, a friend told him about PCSpes, a Chinese herbal product (from Botanical Labs, in Berea, California). He tried it and in five weeks his PSA dropped from 11 to 2.8; in four more weeks, it was down to 0.7, and another four weeks later it dropped to 0.1. He has continued on this product and his PSA has remained below 1.0 for short essay with author, over two years. His very supportive wife, who also ate the essay structure, Gerson food in order not to tempt him with other things, also benefitted from this treatment..

Earl Taylor of Cairo, Illinois is no longer alive, but his story is so dramatic and touching that it is well worth hearing and thinking about. In 1966, when Earl was 69 years old, he was told by short about love, his doctors to ‘put his affairs in order’, as he was dying of prostate cancer. The cancer had spread extensively into his bones and he also had a large mass in structure his groin. The hormone treatments he had received were no longer effective; the doctors told him outright that there was nothing more they could do for love author, him. Earl had dropped out of school after the sixth grade and had received no further education.

He had spent all his life working in a junkyard, sorting various types of metals. The Prince? When his doctors gave him his ‘death sentence’, he recalled reading something about Dr. Gerson and the Gerson Therapy in essay about with Prevention Magazine, which sounded promising. So he contacted Dr. Analyzing Visual Argument Essay? Gerson’s oldest daughter, Johanna Oberlander (now deceased) in New York, and asked for her help and guidance. She did the best she could, which was to send him Dr. Gerson’s book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases. Earl began to read it, but after a short while he called Mrs. Oberlander back and told her that he couldn’t understand the book, it was way beyond him. Upon this she suggested that he just follow the treatment outlined on page 235 of the book and short essay with author, forget about the rest. At a later stage Earl said that doing the therapy at home was the hardest thing he ever did in all his life.

His wife has passed away years earlier and he was all alone. Level Essay? One day, as he was leaning over the arm of a chair, one of his ribs broke, having been weakened by short essay with, bone metastases from the prostate cancer. He was in severe pain and felt tempted just to stay in bed, but he knew that if he didn’t help himself, he would die. So with a huge effort he got up every day, ground and phd thesis blended learning, pressed the vegetables for his hourly juices, and carried out the rest of the therapy. Shortly afterwards he was free from pain. After a month the short essay about, doctor could no longer feel the large mass that had been growing in degree level his groin. Earl soon felt well and enjoyed much greater energy – and carried on with the Therapy. Then one day he received a call from a friend, the chiropractor Dr.

Gwinn Dunbar, who lived in Kentucky. He told Earl that he was dying of lung cancer spread through both lungs – and asked if he could come and help him. Earl promptly travelled to Dr. Dunbar’s home and helped him to essay love with author, set up the Gerson Therapy. Something incredible happened: both ‘terminal’ patients recovered! Fifteen years later, in 1981, both were alive and essay, well, Earl by then aged 84. Dr. Dunbar was a good deal younger and lived for short about love with author, many more years (eventually we heard from his son that he had passed away). In October 1981, when the Gerson Institute celebrated the 100th anniversary of thesis the prince by machiavelli Dr. Gerson’s birth, Earl was invited, along with some fifty other cured ‘incurables’, to come and testify about his recovery.

He had never been in a plane and at age 84 was rather shaken by the new experience, but joined in love with author the celebration and told the amazed audience the story of history essay questions his recovery. Earl died in his late 80s. What makes his story of about lasting value is that it shows how a simple uneducated man, sent home to die by his doctors, was able, without any outside help, to analyzing, heal himself and his terminally ill friend, by simply following Dr. Gerson’s directions. What he possessed was quiet heroism of the highest order. At the end of essay about April 1995, Rex – then aged 36 – arrived in thesis Lafayette, Tennessee, with his wife and three children. For about a month they lived in a motel while looking for short author, a home to rent. During that time Rex noticed a painful growth on his right testicle. Doctors treated it with a round of visual argument antibiotics that failed to produce a cure, so he was referred to short essay about love with author, urologist who stated that the degree level essay, growth was most likely a malignant tumour, and short essay with, urged the removal of the structure, testicle..The Clements sought a second opinion from an urologist at Vanderbilt University, who suggested the essay about author, same course of history of psychology questions treatment. Short Essay About With Author? Within 24 hours Rex was in surgery at Vanderbilt Medical Center to have his affected testicle removed. Argument? A biopsy done at the time confirmed that the essay about, growth was indeed malignant, namely an embryonal cell carcinoma.

Worse news followed less than a week later, when a CT scan revealed that the cancer had spread into Rex’s lymph system. At that point their oncologist informed the Clements that Rex would require an intensive programme of analyzing visual chemotherapy. The couple found out essay with author, that while chemotherapy has a high success rate with testicular cancer, it also causes long term side effects. These can include damage to the internal organs, permanent numbness in the extremities, as well as sterility. Yet the orthodox physicians warned that unless Rex agreed to undergo chemotherapy, he would not survive. To quote the words of thesis for research Rex’s wife, “We hit our knees big time”. As they were praying for with author, guidance, one of their friends lent them half a dozen books and several videotapes on alternative cancer therapies, including the thesis on vaccinations, Gerson Therapy. The basic philosophy of the Gerson treatment appealed to them most, so they started on a modified version of the short love author, Therapy at home.

In time new scans revealed tumour reduction; however, later (in November 1995) the tumours regrew. That was when Rex and his wife came to the Gerson Therapy Hospital in Mexico to embark on the strict Therapy, and thesis about the prince by machiavelli, do it correctly, under the Gerson doctors’ guidance. Their dedication and hard work paid off, as shown by the following data: in January 1996, a CT scan showed tumour shrinkage. In April 1996, another CT scan showed total remission, as did a fresh scan in August 1996. In January 1997, all was still clear. Rex stayed on the intensive Gerson Therapy for the full two years. Last contact, in June 2002, confirmed that Rex remains well and active.

Find more case studies here, e.g. Short With? doctors healing their own cancers. For more information about essay Hawaii Gerson Therapy Alternative Cancer Treatment Program – click here. Read about our healing philosophy and medical approach here.

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Little Explorers Picture Dictionary. A page of flower words in Italian from the Little Explorers Picture Dictionary. Little Explorers Picture Dictionary. A page of flower words in Spanish from the Little Explorers Picture Dictionary. Little Explorers Picture Dictionary. A page of flower words in Swedish from the Little Explorers Picture Dictionary. Flowers in Many Language : A Label Me! Printout. Label the parts of a flowering plant in English, including the flower, bud, leaf, stem, etc. A Label Me! Printout.

Label the parts of a flowering plant in French, including the flower, bud, leaf, stem, etc. A Label Me! Printout. Label the parts of a flowering plant in German, including the flower, bud, leaf, stem, etc. A Label Me!

Printout. Label the short with, parts of a flowering plant in Italian, including the in a, flower, bud, leaf, stem, etc. Label the short about with author, parts of a flowering plant in Portuguese, including the of psychology essay, flower, bud, leaf, stem, etc. A Label Me! Printout. Label the parts of a flowering plant in Spanish, including the flower, bud, leaf, stem, etc. Label Me! Printout. Label the flowers in short about author, English, including the rose, daisy, daffodil, tulip, sunflower, lily, foliage, and learning vase. Label Me! Printout.

Label the flowers in French, including the rose, daisy, daffodil, tulip, sunflower, lily, foliage, and vase. Label Me! Printout. Label the essay about author, flowers in German, including the rose, daisy, daffodil, tulip, sunflower, lily, foliage, and vase. Label Me!

Printout. Label the flowers in Italian, including the rose, daisy, daffodil, tulip, sunflower, lily, foliage, and vase. Label Me! Printout. Label the flowers in Portuguese, including the rose, daisy, daffodil, tulip, sunflower, lily, foliage, and vase.

Label Me! Printout. Label the flowers in Spanish, including the rose, daisy, daffodil, tulip, sunflower, lily, foliage, and vase.